6 Effective Ways for Better Mobile App Security

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App Security

We are living in the world of mobility where we can open anything at the touch of a finger. Today, the apps we download entertain us, keep us in touch with our near and dear ones, tell us about our favorite eatery nearby. These apps offer some amazing advantages to present Mobile App Development Era. However, with the growing demand for apps, there is a major point of concern is Mobile App Security.

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This is because approximately, 75% of apps failed in a basic security test. If this is not an alarming fact for you. Have a look at the listed below statistics

  • 87% of the paid iOS apps were hacked
  • Top 100 paid android app were hacked
  • 73% of Free apps on Android were hacked
  • 53% of the free iOS were hacked
  • Only 5-7% of Apps are Equipped with Advance-Level Security


Now, that You are Serious about Ensuring the Security of your App. Here are some steps which You can follow for your Mobile App Security:

Protect Your Code

Your topmost duty is to make sure that the application code is safe and secure. In this regard, consider protecting the code with encryption. In order to make the code hard to read, follow minification and obfuscation. In addition, you can test the code for vulnerabilities. Last but not the least, you can consider well-supported algorithm coupled with API encryption.


Download from Trustworthy Sources

Users who want to avoid security issues should not download any app from unauthorized third party sources. They should keep in mind that they have to download apps from sources like authorized app stores. A large number of Mobile App Development Companies pay a lot of attention to this factor.


Utilize Code Signing Certificates

Code signing certificates are of utmost importance for mobile app security. If your mobile app is signed by a certificate authority, this means that an app has been published by the same developer and hasn’t been tampered at all.

app signing certificate


Avoid Storing Sensitive Data on the Device

Saving important data is a convenient option, but a huge risk is associated with this. When a user watch videos by using Wi-Fi, then anyone can steal the valuable information. There is a need to keep the sensitive data away from the device, but if there is a need to store then encrypt it.


Keep Devices Safe

App development companies can’t make sure that that devices of users are secure. However, in order to avoid identity theft, fraud or any security issue, follow some important things. In this regard, don’t use a jailbroken or rooted device.


Update the Device

Mobile apps might contain some bugs, thus app development companies keep rolling out new updates with every single passing day. This means that it is important to accept those updates seriously.



There are numerous apps in the app marketplace and hackers with malicious intent can tamper your app code, steal consumer data for fraud purposes. They can even inject malware into apps or onto devices with the motive to steal screen lock pass-codes and access data. Thus, mobile app security is growing at a rapid pace. However, it is the responsibility of both app development companies and end users to keep the app secure.