Amazon Invests In Three Voice Startups Via Its Alexa Fund

With the success of Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant the voice assistance industry is growing rapidly. Amazon knows this for sure, that’s the reason company has founded its Alexa Fund in 2015. The company’s vertical seeks for the inspiring voice startups in their early stage and invests capital in them. This time the company announced […]

Android And Google Play Reward Programs Payouts Crosses $3M

Google invites the individual researchers and developers from across the globe to spot security issues in Android and Google Play Store. In return for the researchers’ efforts the company rewards them with the prize of real money. Google announced that its Android and Google Play Security Rewards programs have crosses $3M payouts. Under this program, […]

The Truth Behind Instagram’s Post Resharing Rumor

The rumor mill has been churning for a while now, well technically for about 24 hours. And in this time period, several claims have been made regarding the latest features that Instagram is supposedly testing out. Now, let’s rewind a day back and see what exactly happened. It all started with an article ‘Instagram is […]

Google Moves Forward With Next A.I. Initiative In Japan

Following the series of Cloud Next 2018 Events that were being conducted in various international locations including San Francisco and Tokyo. The main objective of these conferences was to introduce the new initiatives that the multinational technology company, Google will be coming forward with. With the Cloud Next Event in Tokyo, Google specifically shared few […]