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Privacy Policy

Appdexa uses verified resources to collect information about different companies. Data or information about any company is gathered through surveys (both online and offline medium including third party too). In case, you visit our website or contribute information on any resource, you consent to the terms and conditions of Appdexa and compilation and disclosure of information we have about you.

Appdexa authenticates a piece of information after a thorough enquiry. We appreciate user’s contribution in the form of reviews and testimonials about other companies. Firms who uses Appdexa services need to create user account and profiles. In case, you purchase any of Appdexa’s services, you need to pay for our services by providing us the credit card details.

Information Appdexa collects

Through various online and offline resources, Appdexa collects information about users too that includes but not limited to name, email and mailing address, occupation, education, date of birth, gender and other similar demographics. Appdexa collects data using analytical services such as Google analytics. The services use cookies. By default, most browsers accept cookies automatically. When you browse through Appdexa website, you agree to accept third party cookie and general terms and conditions in accordance with Appdexa’s privacy policy.

Appdexa’s privacy policy also includes collecting information about user’s browsing history, browsing time, IP address, operating system, user’s device and the screen resolution of the device.

Utilization of information

Appdexa declares the recording of the details of your visits and logs for research purposes. Details of IP address helps in creating user profiles that helps Appdexa predict user behaviour in order to make the website user friendly. Appdexa tracks user’s navigational details, time duration of page visit and downloads to understand the users better. Your personal information is kept confidential and used to keep you informed about Appdexa recent updates.

Disclosure & sharing of information

Appdexa takes the responsibility of keeping user’s information safe and prevents the unauthorized access or accidental disclosure of confidential information to third parties except as follows.

Appdexa may provide the access of your confidential information to third party vendors only in case they agree to maintain the secrecy of user’s confidential information. Appdexa may surrender user’s personal information to the legal authority if summoned by a court order. The sharing of information will be done as per the guidelines and the rules and regulation prescribed under Appdexa privacy policy.

Unsubscribe or delete information

In case you want to deactivate or delete your account with Appdexa, we hold the authority for the same. Deletion of the records of your account is subjected to Appdexa retention policy. You have complete freedom of accessing, updating or including new information in your user account submitted to the website. In case, you are not interested in the updates Appdexa sends you regularly, you can unsubscribe through a mail or get in contact with us on call.

Appdexa utilizes cookies for making its services more user-centric. People visiting to the site may block the cookies with the right browser settings. In case, you are wishing to contribute to Appdexa’s official website in any of the manners, you must refrain from accessing the website directly. Instead, write to us about your concern, on the testimonial or about a review.

The data security

Appdexa takes the responsibility and implements the changes in order to protect your personal information to be used, disclosed or get accessed by third party. It uses authenticated online and offline resources to secure and prevent misuse, destruction or alteration of user’s personal information. The access of user’s personal information is subjected to be used only by authorized Appdexa employees and vendors. We routinely monitor systems for ensuring the security against potential vulnerabilities. For complete security, keep your login details secured.

Data retention

The data Appdexa gathers remains with it unless we are asked to erase the same. In case, you have a user account, we keep the related information safe with us as long as the account is active. We may share the information if required in any legal procedures. We may share details of your information safe with us in case it is needed for settling any dispute, preventing any fraud or as a backup data for our own use.

Notification for changes

By browsing through Appdexa website, you agree to the compilation, use and storage of the shared information that Appdexa may use as per described in its privacy policy. All the rights for change, modification, addition or removing the parts of privacy policy are subjected to Appdexa. Your continuation of the use of Appdexa will mean that you agree to the changes in the privacy policy.

If you wish to gain insightful information about Appdexa privacy policy or require any further assistance relating to us, you can directly write us here at:

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