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    Office 7 35-37 ludgate hill, London , England EC4M 7JN United kingdom


    A-23, swej farm, n s road, sodala, Jaipur , Rajasthan 302019 India


    2100 geng road, Palo alto , California 94303 United states


    590 madison avenue, 21st floor, New york city , New york 10022 United states


    378 northlake blvd. ste #252, North palm beach , Florida 33408 United states


    Company Profile

    Konstant Infosolutions is a globally recognized mobile app development company along with a successful work experience in web development. The whole team is focused on one thing: creating world-class digital experiences implementing various cutting-edge technologies like IoT, wearable, enterprise mobility, cloud and mobile solutions that exceed client’s and their customer’s expectations and establish them as category leaders. With the vision to become the most trusted offshore IT solutions partner for businesses and organizations worldwide, Konstant is continuously adopting new and latest technology trends coming up in iPhone and Android app development and various other verticals.

    Having served 16+ years of smart technology, Konstant has expanded globally with its offices in California, Texas and Florida and providing its services in Canada, UK, Saudi Arabia, New York, London, Chicago and all other regions worldwide that outsource IT solutions.  The company has a real passion to create breakthrough projects for its well-known clients including United Nations, Wonder Cement, ThomasVille, The Project Action Star, NASSCOM, Scholastic, Provogue, Nestle, Citrix Solutions, Rawbank and others.

    The company’s biggest strength is its team which I a mix of most ingenious and focused individuals who are adroit in whatever they do. They believe in delivering flawless and most reliable solutions to the clients that match the business needs and drive business growth.

    “Our communication was always good. Their sales team was very proactive. They made sure whatever they commit they deliver according to the committed deadlines. Their project coordinator was also in constant touch with me and made sure my requirements are communicated well"

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    Top Company Reviews

    Raytec Application
    • Mobile 1 App Development
    • Mobile 2 $15000
    • Application 1 4 Months
    • UI/UX: 5.0
    • Quality: 5.0
    • Schedule: 5.0
    • Cost: 5.0
    • Client Satisfaction: 5.0


    Project Summary:

    Raytec are the World leader in LED lighting for security and safety. We developed an enterprise app for them. The app developed for iOS, Android devices.This app is being used by Raytec Staff to calculate the number of lights required to cover a field/Stadium by different kind of Beam lights.

    Feedback Summary:

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    By Regional Sales Manager, Raytec

    Application 2
    • Developer 3 Raytec
    • Apps 4 Confidential
    • AppS Configuration Canada


    What was the objective of contacting Konstant Infosolutions?

    The objective was to get services for a new application. we had worked with them twice previously and we were quite aware of the procedure they follow. so, it made quite easy for us to contact them.


    Were the services delivered as per your expectation?

    Yes, in fact they exceeded in providing the services every time we approached to konstant infosolutions.

    How did you come to know about Konstant Infosolutions?

    We get to know about konstant infosolutions from upwork, the freelance business community. since we have now worked with the team for three time in a row, we were pretty sure to contact them this time too.

    What were their point of excellence? would you recommend any area they need to improve?

    Infotech solutions project management skills are really appreciable along with their marketing efforts that were excellent too. about the recommendation, i would like to say that they can improve on their testing methodologies. actually, there were a few bugs in the app that were delivered to us. so, the testing can be better.


    What about their assistance regarding technical, designing and development approach?

    Everything was perfect! their project management approach was very specific. they guide their clients really well unlike other app development companies that are too technical to communicate with the clients. konstant infosolutions' ability to translate jargon's into the layman's language is something that sets them apart from similar service providers.

    Are you going to recommend their services to others?

    Yes of course! in fact i have already recommended the team.

    What was the budget of the project?

    The budget for this particular project was near to $3000.

    did you face any difficulty while coming across Konstant Infosolutions?

    Language was a barrier at the initial stage. and, there was a new project manager that i had to educate about the elements of the projects. so, the difficulty for the initial stage was just the language.

    Is there anything that makes Konstant Infosolutions worth to contact?

    The cost-effectiveness and the quality of the work are the two different elements that make konstant infosolutions worth contacting.


    How much did you like their approach of providing services?

    The approach was clear, concise and very informative. they started the business interaction by asking a few questions about the purpose, the look and the feel of the application. we had a few brain storming sessions with them that helped them to know the actual requirements.


    What timeframe they estimated for project completion? were they successful in completing the project in the estimated time.

    We engaged with them in january this year and we had a project deadline for june. their team was able to offer the services even before the deadline. actually we were focusing to showcase our expertise in infrared and white lighting. the app was supposed to aware the clients about our service expertise and konstant infosolutions did a great job in completing the project before the time.

    What made Konstant Infosolutions promising to you?

    I would like to mention cost-effectiveness as the very first point that drew us toward their services. the quality of work and the workmanship were great too. in fact, the high quality of services didn't seem to be so affordable as they actually are. and, the best thing is that you get high quality return for your investment.


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    Manish Jain

    The Man Working to Make Fortune in the Ever Expanding App Development Industry
    Meet Manish Jain, Company DIrector, Konstant Infosolutions

    19 September 17 INTERVIEW
    Q A

    Bring us an insight of your business/company and introduce your role there. What was the aim behind establishing "Konstant Infosolutions"?

    Our company is serving the clients in mobile app development domain for the past fourteen years. We majorly focus developing IoT and Hybrid mobile app development services to the clients across the globe including regions like USA, Middle East, & European countries.

    The aim is to deliver quality services to the clients. Initially, when we started the industry was lacking mobile app development companies having a very good track record to offer exceptional services to the clients. In order to help such companies, we decided to offer client-centric services through SevenStar Infotech. Our aim lies not only in coding the project but also delivering the best services. We know how to offer services even to start-ups or to established companies like NASCOMM.

    Please introduce your business model. Are you focused on in-house development or do you take third party services for the same?

    We are a team of 150+ professionals having our offices in USA & Australia. We have established our offices around the world to accommodate the feeling that clients are getting the services through their natives. It adds to the authenticity of the service. For us, the very first concern is to get on the same page with the clients. Our sales team ensure the same along with helping the clients to understand the actual cost of the project. Once, we are done with getting the client's requirement, the project goes on to the project management department in order to build the architect of the same.

    We prepare several projects to help the clients understand the actual flow of the services and ask them to give their approval on the same through signing the documents. We then consider having a meeting with the developers, designers, professionals from the testing team and all the resources that will become the part of the project. This ensures delivering services as per the client's requirements. Once, the responsibilities are distributed we divide the project and release the outcome in order to know client's feedback on the same. We offer full authority to the clients to rate us on different parameters. We keep analyzing the project to ensure the development is going towards the right direction. Once the project is completed, it is released of course after client's approval. After that starts the support period wherein we offer project maintenance services to the clients.

    It is the actual project requirement that helps determine the kind of assistance required for it. In case, we are not working on a technology that's only a 10% requirement of a project, we don't hesitate to even outsource it.

    Throw some light on mobile app development pricing and how would you define the pricing method to a prospective user? What are the key factors to estimate the price of a project? How would you ensure the most realistic price quote with minimum variation to your clients.

    Projects are always different and so the cost for the same. The actual project cost depends on the functionalities and the technology that will be used. As complex as the functionality so will be the pricing. The key factors include a list of elements such the database, the app functions and much more to this. Depending upon the requirements of the projects the cost varies. sometimes the project requirements are very clear, which makes it easy for us to quote the price. Other times when the clients are not clear about what they actually want, it becomes quite difficult for us to send the price quote. In such cases, we try to give an estimation of the prices as per the requirements to be fulfilled on the project.

    What is your ideal project delivery process? How you ensure clients' engagement in the process and with the company all through the development phase? Does your company offers maintenance and support services, additionally?

    We have a defined project delivery. First, we develop the wireframing and the prototyping of the app is developed. The wireframing then goes to the development and designing team from where the project takes the real shape. After that, we talk to the clients in order to know their requirements and accommodate the changes in the project. Once the project is developed as per client's direction it is divided to be released through different phases to go through release audit. The project goes through testing and then delivered to the clients.

    Client's engagement is very much important on every project. As it was mentioned earlier, client's involvement starts right from the requirements given to us. We ask their feedbacks prior to and after completing every phase of the project right from the development to the designing. The UI and wireframing are also discussed with them in order to involve them in the project as much as possible.

    Yes, we have a well-defined project maintenance support package that is offered to the clients. We have pre-support packages too that are a part of the whole project development part. Clients can raise a ticket anytime they need our support, the services are offered within 24 hours.

    What strategies you follow to retain clients? What is your percentage of repeat business?

    The basic strategy is to maintain the communication with the clients to deliver the project before the estimated time period. We try to focus on providing crucial support at the very beginning as well as when the project is delivered. These are the two most crucial point for us to offer exceptional services to the clients. The percentage is near to 60%.

    If given a choice to favor one category, which would you choose as your mobile app development company’s speciality?

    We are very much focused on mobile app development. We simultaneously work on Native, Hybrid Ionic, iOS, Objective C and Xamarine too. Within these technologies, our niche lies in Native app development. We have got some great years of experience in the same domain.

    Give a brief up about your strategies/approaches that differentiate you from your competitors. What are the valuable offerings you provide to the clients?

    As a team, we are very much focused on understanding the clients' requirements, we communicate directly with the clients and pay attention to the quality of the project from every possible aspect. Basically, we try to be as much specific as possible with the clients. For us, clients' approval and involvement are very much important.

    Share your long term vision for the company growth. What strategies you are following to achieve these goals?

    We are targeting global markets to expand our reach and the part of the same plan involves establishing our offices in as many locations as possible. We have already opened our offices in the USA.

    What is your take on the current state of the mobility trends? What are your strategies for remaining updated with the current trends? Can you please share the app development/marketing technology that you have adopted lately?

    Particularly in mobile app development, we are focusing on Hybrid and Native at the same time. With Native, it is all about Objective C, Swift and Java, and with Hybrid with are focusing on Ionic and React Native as well as it is getting very much popular these days. Other than these technologies, we are also focusing on Laravel, PHP, and Magento too if you talk about the technologies in e-commerce solutions. We have certified Magento developers in our team that makes e-commerce app development a breeze.

    Would you like to give any advice to other evolving companies?

    I have personally seen Start-ups targeting all the app development areas that make them a jack of all trades and master of none. They do not focus on a particular roadmap which may, of course, hinder their growth. So, I would like to suggest that start-ups must develop a roadmap and then go with the same in order to achieve a niche in a particular mobile app development domain.

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