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What Free Features Are
Offered by Appdexa?

Appdexa services suite is made of a plethora of free features for the
service agencies to start marketing their offerings and expertise. Our free
service offerings are designed to offer startups equal opportunity to attract
clients, build online reputation, and establish thought leadership.

Our Free Services and Features:

Company Profile

You can get a free public listing on Appdexa in under 15 minutes.

Client Reviews

You can submit the reviews on your best work and showcase your expertise to prospective clients.

Top Companies Badge, Widgets, and Mentions

A verified profile makes you eligible for widgets, badges, mention in our bi-monthly PRs, and Appdexa ratings that exhibits your expertise while acting as a social proof of your prime results.

Content Marketing Support

We offer a range of content marketing and collaboration benefits to our service agency partners:
  • Get personalized articles for your website boasting of your client reviews, expertise, and company ranking on both global and local level.
  • Join our content community where you can share your thought leadership in front of 500K+ monthly users of Appdexa and MobileAppDaily.
  • Become a Branded Content Partner in our industry reports

Be Found In Search Results Across Two Websites

Your completed and verified Appdexa profile will make you eligible to get listed in our sister website MobileAppDaily. Whether you are one of the whole and sole mobile app development companies or app marketing agencies, you can get a chance to increase your brand presence on the internet, free of cost.

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Reputation and marketing your brand through Appdexa
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