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WWDC 2017 : Everything Apple Announced in its Annual Conference

June 16, 2017 by Mike Davis

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2017 was a full-fledged affair for both the consumers and the developers. There were a number of announcements for the upcoming years and the approach it will have for the development of Apple’s most popular devices. Apple covered a number of categories while making these announcement and the major categories were:

  • iMAC Pro
  • HomePod
  • iPad Pro
  • New iPhones and more


The conference was more like a show for consumers this year. There were some of the major announcements for the developers too. For developers, there are new versions of operating systems for iPad, iPhones, Apple computers and much more that users will also like to experience. In addition to all these developments, some announcements related to AR were also made in the conference.


Here is More on the Announcements that Were Featured in WWDC 2017 :


HomePod is Apple’s answer to Amazon’s echo and Google’s home. It is a 7 inches speaker that works similarly as Echo and Home. This fabricated speaker is developed smartly and does a number of jobs. It can control IoT connected devices and can also play music for the users. It can help to provide updates on the calendar. And the best thing about HomePod is that it can be controlled by talking to Siri, Apple’s intelligent personal assistance.


New iPads

Apple is continually trying to convince the users about iPad’s worth as the laptops. For average person, Apple’s iPad could work as a replacement of laptop (as per Apple’s believe). Apple has recently launched its 12.9 inches iPad pro along with an innovative 10.5 inches model having smaller bezels. Both these devices have brighter screens as well as faster processors. What makes these new iPads different from others is the use of innovative iOS 11 software.


watchOS 4

This time Apple is trying something different with its new series of watches. These smartwatches are going to have Siri’s assistance having a Siri backed watch face. Depending upon a number of factors such as the time of the day, the amount of exercise done and other similar factors, Siri will suggest a number of suggestions to the users.


AR Kit

AR reality was the buzzword in the WWDC this year. The technology got popularity with the amazing Pokemon Go AR embedded mobile game. Google is planning some major innovations with AR in order to grab the attention of more and more audience towards its products. The USP of AR embedded games is that they take you to a virtual world where things seem real to the users.


The Bottom Line

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2017 featured some of the important plans that the company is going to work in the current year. The show was all about the innovations that hold the potential of mesmerizing the users. The aim is to influence the users with these techniques.


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