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How Much Wireframing is Important For Mobile App Development

June 26, 2017 by Janet Scott

There is a smartphone available for all specific purposes, all thanks to the accelerating mobile app development technology! With such an exceptional technology, the world has shrunk to our fingertips. As the trend of smartphones is rising among the users, the importance of wireframing is increasing in the similar manner. This exceptional technology is helping developers to make a prototype before starting the actually app development.


With such an extensive user base, companies in the app development domain are trying to reserve a considerable space in user’s smartphones. It is possible only when your app has got all the necessary elements to engage the clients. When it comes to gaining the attention of the clients, the most important thing is to work on a interface that is user-friendly and app elements that are functional enough.


As wireframing is the process of idealizing the initial outlines of an application, the process of creating the app can broadly be categorized in different aspects, including:

  • Gathering Requirements
  • Creating Wireframing
  • UI Design
  • UX Aspect, & The Last but not least
  • Development

The stage after gathering requirements for a particular app gets a bit critical. Creating the wireframe is still easy but then getting every project member on the same page seems to be a difficult task. Moreover, listening to the requirements of all of these professionals and fitting them accurately while developing the app is just not possible. This creates confusion only for the developers.


Utilizing wireframing components is thus an exceptional choice to mock all the functionalities required for developing an app successfully. Wireframes are outstanding also as they help design an app from functional perspective, however; leaving the aesthetics aside. Wireframing tools are thus a life saving elements for a number of developers to set all the functionalities together.


Here is an Extended Note on How Wireframing is important for Mobile App Development:

Wireframes Help You Understand How the App is Going to Work

Professional developers refer to wireframes as “outlines”. There is no surprise in the same as wireframes act as a link building between app idea and the real conceptualizing of the application. Such a visual sketch makes it easy for developers too to mock the design exceptionally well.


Wireframes Foster Real-Time Communication

Generally a team of developers is employed when it comes to developing a mobile app. Working together requires having entire conversation in the real time among developers, designers and all other professionals working on the same project. Wireframes make all these professionals look and view the design & make the changes if required. As sketches are also shared with clients, it becomes easy to know their view point too.


The Cost Advantage

Using wireframes for making any of the apps is cost friendly too, which is not known to everyone of us. All that it takes to develop a wireframe is a set of sketch wherein changes can easily be done if something goes wrong.

save cost

Trying the same with real app development is equal to investing a good sum of money and in case things don’t fill the bill perfectly, all your investment is wasted.


Adding Changes is Easier

A sketch can be improved thousands of times without investing a single penny. On the other hand, adding changes to the coding after an app is developed is sure to add more expenses to the actual app making cost. Moreover, it is easy also to add as many changes as required in the wireframe, which is of course an expensive one to do on real application.



Having all the benefits that have been explained above, it is easy to predict that wireframing is the best way to initiate the creation of mobile app development. The cost is affordable, the changes can be done easily and it also helps to add functions without extending the development cost. Hence, it is always advised to opt for wireframing when developing mobile apps.