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Rich Windows 10 Mobile App – New Feature

November 1, 2016 by Appdexa

The Windows 10 mobile app from Natwest incorporates all the features that are inherently present in the iOS and the Android based counterparts. Some of these worthwhile features that are present in the Windows 10 based mobile app are -pay as you go mobile top ups, money transfers, cardless cash machine access and many such more.

Natwest has taken up mobile app development, for a better customer experience in the form of easy and quick use of the data, conducted in a secure manner. The utility of mobile banking lies in the fact, that more and more people wants to manage their money, while on the go, with an increased usage of smartphones, all over the world. A mobile app makes the banking experience easier, with the following advantages:

  • 1. Quick and Convenient Way of Login
  • 2. Making Payments Without a Card Reader
  • 3. Keep a Track on Expenditures
  • 4. Cancellation of Direct Debit
  • 5. Withdrawal of Money Without the Card
  • 6. Sending Money with another Person’s Mobile Number

Quick and Convenient Way of Login

A secure login to the mobile app is ensured, with registered fingerprint or a password of choice.

Making Payments Without a Card Reader

The account number and the sort code are all that are needed to make a payment to someone.

Keep a Track on Expenditures

If you are busy commuting, this feature on mobile banking from UK Bank Natwest is quite useful, with accessing the transactions, at anytime and anywhere.

Cancellation of Direct Debit

The banking app helps to set up, view and cancel the direct debit.

Withdrawal of Money Without the Card

The cash withdrawal is possible through Get Cash, in any the cashpoints of Tesco, RBS Scotland or Natwest.

Sending Money with another Person’s Mobile Number

No need to swap the account details with each other, the banking app from Natwest ensures instant payment to Natwest account holders, or holder of other bank’s accounts.  

Additional Features in the Windows 10 Banking App

There are some more additional features in the Windows 10 mobile app from UK bank Natwest such as:

  • 1. Paying Bill
  • 2. Creation of Standing Orders on Existing Payees
  • 3. Top up of Pay As You Go Mobile Phones, applicable only for the major mobile networks in UK

What’s New in the Windows 10 App ?

Following features are introduced in the UK Bank Natwest’s new Windows 10 banking app:

  • 1. Reminder of Customer Number is Obtained in the Menu
  • 2. Send Your Account Number and Sort Code, easily, so that it is possible for making payment into your account
  • 3. Connecting a monitor, mouse and keyboard with the Windows 10 mobile phone, which gives an experience, similar to the PC

Windows 10 mobile app supports Windows 10 natively and also has a clean interface. UK Bank Natwest has an extensive history of supporting Windows on phones and this latest update is a way that shows their commitment for the Windows platform. Continuum ensures that it has a higher aspect ratio, with Continuum support for the app in place.


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