Top 6 Reasons Why Outsourcing Mobile App Development is a Good Idea

Why Outsourcing Mobile App Development is a Good Idea?

We enlist the advantages of outsourcing app development, that makes it a promising option for businesses.

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January 27th, 2021
Twinkle Kalkandha
Twinkle Kalkandha
Product Strategist

The biggest task covered by the internet and its organized extensions of online platforms, mobile apps, etc. have been the way they have bought the whole world together. In fact, the complete online world has transformed into the world’s biggest market, where products and services are bought and sold. So, an entrepreneur in the USA can connect with a weaver in Kashmir directly and source a shawl from them anytime, as a requirement arises. This is one of the few advantages of outsourcing services.

Outsourcing Mobile App Development is a different ball game altogether. Think about finding an application development outsourcing partner and sharing your mobile app idea for business with them, in order to designate them with the task of developing your mobile app and transforming your business idea into a reality.

Why Outsourcing is a Good Idea?

Outsource mobile app development is not a new concept. The companies have been utilizing this concept to develop their assets by experts at pocket friendly prices. This is the major reason behind the worldwide outsourcing market touching the targets of $92.5 billion, in 2019.

Not only, for development of mobile apps for small businesses; even large conglomerates have been utilizing it for their app development needs. Do you know that Alibaba was developed by a third party developer in the USA. As per JackMa, ‘The outsourcing reason herein was not only costs, but lack of requisite expertise in China and a vision to develop online products for both the Chinese-speaking as well as the English speaking communities.

Similarly, Github (the open-sourced coding site) had also delegated the task to Scott Chacon, an outside freelance developer. In this context, the benefits of outsourcing was basically again to find the suitable talent at low prices. He is now the Chief Information Officer of Github, the largest code host platform in the world.

As an entrepreneur, it is your prerogative if you choose to hire in-house developers, or hire remote developers, or outsource mobile app development to a third party company for the same. In-house developers tend to stay and work in front of your eyes, but the concept suffers with its own set of disadvantages:

  • Hiring the perfect in-house is a tedious task in itself a sthe process requires to find and interview several individuals, to recruit the one most suited to your requirements. The process is long and painstaking.
  • Mobile app development for your business, is a complex task and may require you to hire several designers and developers as per required expertise. For instance, you would require a seperate android and iOS developer, UI/UX designer, etc. This would obviously end up escalating your app development costs.
  • In-house developers tend to draw a particular salary from you and your organization, just like other employees. They may feel that on app launch, they may lose their job. Thus, they might end up extending the time of app development without any practical rhyme or reason, again leading to loss of time, effort and money.

Basically, these days if you are good at whatever you do, the world becomes your playground. With the advent and evolution of various technology tools and frameworks; it is now much easier for companies to connect with and outsource work to remote developers or third-party app development companies, as per their requirements.

Reasons to Outsource Mobile App Development

Mobile Apps are the new age stores for all products and services out there. With an average individual spending close to 3 to 4 hours a day on their smartphones (90% of which is spent on mobile apps), they are the most easy to use and accessible platform for sales and marketing.

Mobile app ideas and their business are thus a necessary extension for your future as an entrepreneur, as a company. So, the way you develop your app decides; how you plan to shape your business for the coming times. Let us first discuss the reasons to outsource mobile app development, which according to us can benefit your business too:

1. It makes app development, cost-effective:

Amongst the various benefits of outsourcing software development, the most important is the way it balances outsource app development cost. When entrepreneurs hire in-house developers, they are required to hire a number of experts for different tasks. They are also required to invest in different technology tools as per the latest development trends. Also, as the developers are hired in such a situation as regular business employees (with regular salaries), they are limited in numbers and their expertise. Looking out for new specialists or application development outsource for a particular service in between the app development process, will not only escalate costs, but also time required in app development. Advantages of outsourcing includes, that you would know about the total cost of app development, including technology toosets, expertise as well as app maintenance costs, beforehand. If any extra costs are incurred, the outsource company or developer tends to take formal permission for the same beforehand.

2. Increased overall efficiency within the app development process:

One of the major outsourcing reasons is that it enables all expertise and toolsets required for app development to be present under one roof. This increases the overall efficiency of the app development process, especially in terms of hiring an app development company. They already know what all requirements app development may have, and are thus, well prepared for the same. So, when you are looking for reasons to outsource mobile app development, remember that an app development gives you a technical partner that shall take care of all the nitty gritties involved.

3. Getting the best of both worlds

If you are still thinking as to why outsourcing is a good idea, the concept gives you an option to get the best of technical experts and expertise, with maximum experience, at the best of prices. Moreover, due to their already garnered experience; they tend to sort out many nuances of the app development process on their own. For instance: If there is an issue with certain functional operations, the perfect developer will already know how to make things work with experience. The large team that these outsourcing companies already have, ensures that the task gets done smoothly, well and on time.

4. Resolves the Data Security Issues

Data is becoming more sacrosanct for businesses by the day. Data is the tool they require to track user behaviour and thus, the future of their business and it is important that all developers follow security practices for apps to ensure they do not get hacked into. As app development companies (offshore or onshore) also allow proper signing of Non Disclosure Agreements that legally binds them to not disclose any aspect of the mobile apps they are working on, it becomes one of the most important reasons to outsource mobile development for businesses all over.

5. Round the clock service

App development is not the ultimate goal for any entrepreneur. Rather, it is a tool to get to their real business goals. When you hire in-house developers; your app developers only tend to work for you within office hours. Once the office hours are over, they are masters of their own free will. Such is not the case when you choose to outsource mobile app development. Since, these third party companies earn their bread and butter from your app, they tend to work for it day in and day out. With a large number of technical experts already employed with them; they would always have someone or the other to help you with app updation and redesign tasks or correcting UI/UX mistakes, amongst others, as and when required. This is one of the primary reasons why outsourcing is a good idea.

6. Excellent CRM on their End

When as an entrepreneur, you hire in-house developers; you become their employers whom they might leave when their task finishes or as and when they feel like or get a better job opportunity. Thankfully, so is not the case with outsource app development companies and developers. As each of their developed products, apart from getting money; also is an important part of their catalogue and you as a customer, an important lead for new work and customers, you tend to be always treated well. One of the major reasons outsourcing is good, as it enables professional and forthcoming behavior by app development companies , delivering constant support and service, even after app launch. They may even offer you app marketing services including app store optimization techniques to ensure maximum search ability and success for your app.

Outsourcing reasons includes overall seamless development

Still thinking why outsourcing mobile app development is a good idea? Well, the answer here is that when you outsource to a third party developer; they tend to develop your app with the complete agile development process within the time and cost deadlines given by you. As these companies profit and loss tends to be connected with the outcome of your app, they tend to leave no stone unturned to make it look and feel great.

Your application development outsource decision and to whom you decide to delegate this task, will have a great impact on your business design. It is thus, more than pertinent that you calmly decide on the outsource mobile app development partner for your app needs, be it an app development company or a dedicated team of developers. We hope the above stated reasons will help you gain a clearer perspective and make insightful choices.

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