How Should You Hire an Offshore Mobile App Developer

How and Why Should You Choose Offshore Mobile App Development?

Prime reasons to hire an offshore mobile app developer and the intricacies involved.

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January 22nd, 2021
Twinkle Kalkandha
Twinkle Kalkandha
Product Strategist

When an entrepreneur or a business-minded individual plans to develop an app, it is mostly due to a futuristic vision for their business idea or an already running business organization.

Mobile apps don’t get built in a blink or a day or a month. It is a tedious task that includes various nuances and inclusion of time, effort and app development costs ; which you would certainly not like anyhow going to waste.

So, you should be doing imminent market research and due diligence to hire the best mobile app developer for your work process. But, who exactly is the best suited mobile app developer for you and your task? Should you hire inhouse developers for the same or hire remote developers for the job? But, their handling is always a tedious task.

Outsourcing mobile app development is your best chance, as it gets you an experienced and expert team. However, outsourcing mobile app development to any third party costs may turn out expensive, as they may lay inordinate expenses upon your project. As per the current market trends, several companies are nowadays opting to hire a mobile app developer offshore to gain all the positives of outsourcing, within their own budget limits and with a team that may have worked on a similar project elsewhere.

Defining the term ‘offshore mobile app development’

When a company chooses to hire a mobile app development company or a team of developers, from across their country borders to build their mobile apps or become a part of its development, as and when required. As several countries like India, Vietnam, etc. boast of a huge number of technology experts , within a lower cost of living index environment; they tend to charge the stakeholders less for the similar job, when done by a famed developer in a developed country. This is mostly the prime reason why several businesses now choose to hire offshore mobile app development companies or teams for thor app development requirements.

Reasons to hire an Offshore Mobile App Developer

The global market size of outsourced services in 2019 were valued at 92.5 billion US dollars.

The trends are further to rise. Let us analyze the major reasons behind this humongous market of export and import of technology led developments:

1. It is very cost-effective:

First and foremost, you need to realise that It is a services-based industry. So, if you might get better services from a distant source, at a better price; why not go for it. This is also the prime reason why businesses choose to hire a mobile app developer offshore. Countries that offer a pool of technical talent at a much better price band; have thus, developed into application development outsourcing hubs.

2. World becomes your limit:

When you intend to look for mobile app developers within your country location specifications; you tend to aggressively narrow down on your available options. Whereas, when you choose offshore mobile app development, you open up the possibilities from all across the world for yourself and your business.

3. The hiring process gets easier:

One of the biggest benefits of hiring offshore app developers is that it gives you a chance to hire skilled developers without much ado. With outsource mobile app development, you get to hire the best professionals from across the world. You could even choose to hire a dedicated HR manager that shall help you choose and the requisite talents as per your exact requirements. It shall further help you save time on profiling, interviewing, hiring the requisite professionals, and other phases of app development for your project.

4. Helps save on time:

Since your hired offshore mobile app development companies and teams shall take care of all your technical requirements, without any micromanagement requirements; it helps you save on effort and time required to build an app. You could then utilize this time on some other developmental tasks of your business.

5.Open up newer markets:

When you open up to global markets by hiring offshore mobile app development companies and teams, you also tend to open up your perspective and affectivity in collaborating and working for and with other foreign companies. It shall give you the requisite experience and help develop tools required to communicate and sync with offshore app development teams.

Handling offshore app development teams require partaking the language barrier and time gap challenges, apart from the task of finding the apt developer team itself. But, if you look at both the pros and cons of offshore mobile app development, choosing the same for yourself should only be dependent on your priorities and requirements.

How to find the most suited Offshore Mobile App Development Experts for your job?

Your business (after your mobile app development) will be as good as the look, feel and utility of your app. You thus, need to take optimum care in finding the best mobile app development company for your job. If you are open to hire offshore mobile app development company, you should take care of these pointers beforehand:

1. Clarity about your own expectations:

There are numerous app development offshore companies out there, who shall provide you with various ways and outlooks according to which your app can be developed. They would either end up helping you to evolve your business idea into an app for good, or altogether taking you completely off track. So, it is always advisable that you as a business owner should be clear about the goals and requirements of the developments you have in mind. Moreover, this clarity will help you clearly communicate the same to your offshore mobile app development team, leading to a more efficient partnership.

2.Look to hire an offshore mobile app developer that understands your business:

When you look to hire an offshore mobile app developer, you have the whole world to choose from. As a business owner, you should be trying to look for developers that understand your vision and are, if possible, excited to some extent about your mobile app business idea. You would find many offshore mobile application development experts who would try to impress you with their ‘coding talks’. But, do not get astray with them as they might end up developing that they may think you require (but it is far from your expectations).

Rather look for offshore mobile application development that understands the logic behind your business, its working and how you wish to want your business to be represented in your app’s peripherals.

3. Look to hire an offshore mobile app developer who is well experienced:

The major benefits of hiring offshore app developers is that you get to work with some of the best technical experts out there, without having to shell out a bomb for that. Working with some experienced offshore app development experts will ensure that you get the right guidance and clarity about how your startup should develop into a mobile app. Their work experience and business acumen shall ensure that you do not have to worry about various nuances and intricacies involved in the project. An experienced offshore mobile application development team shall be easily able to handle it all.

4. Hire a mobile app developer offshore who is well versed with your industry

When you intend to outsource app development to offshore app developers, the world becomes your playground, as you have the whole world to choose your technical partners from. Thus, try and choose developers that have an experience of developing apps within your industry, as then they would have an initial idea of what and how things work in your business. Infact, you can even try and opt for app development offshore experts that provide specialized and exclusive services to your industry vertical only. It will definitely help you in getting a great job done, without much effort.

5. App maintenance should be a part of your pact with your offshore mobile application development partner

App development and successful deployment is not the end, rather it is the beginning of your app’s business journey. So, you should hire remote developers who will take care of the app updation as well. App maintenance should thus be an integral part of your contact when you hire an offshore app developer. Make this clear beforehand, and look for outsource app development experts that will double up as a technical partner for a long run.

6. Do not only look at the ‘price tag’

A mobile app is a long time asset for any and all businesses. So hiring offshore app development company, just based upon their low quotes might not be a very good idea. Look for app developers that suit your requirements and understand your mindset and vision for your app.

Also, look for ways and channels of communication that shall help you hire and work with remote developers easily and look at how open they are to these channels. Take a decision, after viewing all these factors.

7. Get the complete ‘source code’ from your offshore mobile app developer

Remember, whether you hire onshore or offshore mobile app development company for your outsource app development requirements; the asset to be built is yours and you should be its sole proprietary owner (unless you sign a partnership contract with the developer). So, you should have the source code of your products for future purposes.

There could be unforeseen and unfortunate times in the future, when things don’t end up being the way you would like it to be among you and your offshore app development experts. Amid such occasions, you should have the source code of your applications to shift to another organization. This is not an option, but an absolute necessity.

Research before you choose offshore mobile app development experts

Your mobile app will be an extension of your business and you cannot just hand it over to anyone, especially any offshore mobile app developer out of the blue. You should do ample research about their experience, their customer’s experience, their technology specializations, professionalism, amongst others before hiring. You could also look for them on online mobile app developer directories like Appdexa, which give you a clear insight about their works and a clear idea about their specializations. It would help you remarkably to make the correct decision with less effort and time spent. Look around amply, before you take this leap!

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