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What is Appdexa And Why You Should Know About It

September 20, 2017 by Eric Miller

There is good and then there is better than the rest! Amidst the sales pitch of thousands of companies, it becomes impossible to hear the ones that offer what you want. Now make smart choices with high-quality research on Appdexa. The company is one of the latest addition in mobile industry that connects its clients to the leading heads of mobile industry.

Who Are We?

We offer Credibility that clicks with you.” A US based analyst firm that enables you to choose the best, according to your budget. The global Marketplace aims to have the best resources at our client’s disposal.

Appdexa - for App Developers

Why was Appdexa Created?

We realized that the Startups lose a great deal of their time in hunting for the best app development resources. The developers and mobile networks, on the other hand, are losing too, as they fail to connect with versatile ideas oozing from such hidden talents. So, we put our greatest minds to connect you with an understanding and agents of the mobile networks.

How to Find the Best Resources at Appdexa?

Appdexa has been created to solve a two-sided problem that clients and the mobile app development companies face at their respective ends. Appdexa serves as the perfect podium to the buyers of professional services in order to connect them to the services of mobile app development companies. And, as a part of its service, the platform also helps the mobile app development companies to rise above their counterparts by gaining a huge visibility across the globe.

Our unique feature distinguishes us from other globally acclaimed platforms. Appdexa’s Compare Pageenables the clients to compare the services of different mobile app development company in order to get the exclusive comparison report.

Compare Page

In its attempt of adding extended visibility to the mobile app development companies, Appdexa rewards them with unique badges. These badges offer global outreach and are accredited to “ones” excelling in diverse mobile app development services and the metrics indicating the best clients services, gaining a huge global visibility, having a niche in “a” particular technology.

Appdexa welcomes registration of mobile app development companies in order to complete their profiles on the platform. Remember, a complete company profile is always going to add to the extended visibility. There is a section where companies are required to add their portfolio, infrastructure image, and submit their client references. All these metrics help a company add extended visibility to their company profile. Feedback from the clients is another component that adds weight to a company’s portfolio.


The clients’ references that are submitted to Appdexa are then verified by the marketplace itself and the clients are requested to rate the company on qualitative scoring that includes: client satisfaction, UI/UX, Cost, Quality, and timeline. The information is then analyzed by the Appdexa analyst prior to it is featured on the marketplace.

The Final Thought

Appdexa is steadily making its mark among the renowned mobile app development companies. Our aim is to join startups with credible app development companies and give both a global outreach. So when are you registering with us?


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