Well Proven Ways To Launch Your Mobile App Successfully

Well Proven Ways To Launch Your Mobile App Successfully

May 26, 2017 by Eric Miller

Have you ever noticed that your email opening rates on mobile app are slightly better than the clicks you do on your desktop for checking the emails? What about signing in to your Facebook account from your smartphone rather than checking it on the desktop. You must have noticed that your mobile internet usages have surpassed the desktop opening. This shows that smartphones, today have become a means of attaining a large number of users for your business.

Now, let’s consider the scenario when you are a few steps back to launch your mobile app. It is indeed important to have your own strategy in order to gain success. A mobile app takes your business to the users in the global space and a well-planned strategy helps it flourish day by day. Why not quickly reviews all these ways and utilize the same with your next mobile app launch? Let’s start exploring these successful ways.

Proven Ways To Launch Your Mobile App Successfully

Invest Some Time in Market Research

Researching about the key players in your app category is sure to give you an insight on the trends of that particular sector. It will also give you insight on what your competitors are offering and what the audience is looking for. You can also fetch information about which kind of apps are the most popular. Such an analysis proves to be very useful in getting your app in front of the users with a perfect approach. You can start comparing the services of companies with an excel sheet like this:


Optimize for App Store

Optimizing your app for the app store is a chance to stand out from the crowd. When optimizing the application, the things that should be kept in the mind are:

The name of your app: combine your brand’s name with a top rated keyword to score high in a relevant search.

Keywords for the app: app keywords are generally covered within 100 characters. Apply the same rule for your AdWords campaign to stand out.

App description: people actually read the app description and thus to satisfy their query professionally, offer an app description to the users.

Market it: let your users know the functionality of your app through a well-written blog. You can launch a short video featuring the functions of your app.

App Engagement And Retention

Let’s consider that you get a handsome ROI just after the launch of your application. Users liked your app and they have also downloaded the same. An absolute success to your app. But the things to notice here is the retention percentage of your application. Surveys have claimed that only 25% of users use an app after downloading it. Being the app owner, you need to retain as many users as possible.

Track And Measure

Tracking and measuring the app performance is one of the criteria for getting success in your app launch efforts. Set your goals to be achieved and then track the users on a daily as well as on monthly basis. Keep a close eye on the app retention percentage and try to include innovative methods to keep boosting the numbers.

The Conclusion

The app ecosystem is continually evolving, making it important for app owners to remain well aware of all these changes. Launching an app is not an easy task at all. You need to create a buzz, do the marketing and keep an eye on the post-marketing analysis too. Additionally, keeping all the above-written points in the mind will also help to launch the app successfully.