Wearable Technology Future: Innovation & The Psychology Perspective

Wearable: Innovation & The Psychology of the Technology

October 24, 2017 by Eric Miller

Wearable technology has grown exceptionally well in the past few years. Be it Apple, Samsung or any other mobile app development company, the craze of wearables is growing more than ever. Products like Google Glass, Oculus Rift, and Apple Watch have made this technology much more promising to us than it was before. Best wearable fitness devices have made the technology promising to users owing to which the scope of the technology is growing similarly.

The landscape of wearables is expanding continually. First, there were wearable devices and now we have gadgets to wear. Indeed we are witnessing a drastic shift in the technology that is happening for our own good. The trend of wearables has offered a helping hand to a number of sectors to grow further in their approach. Let’s now have a closer look on the widespread of wearable devices.

Wearables for Health/ Best Wearable Fitness Device

By working on different types of wearable technologies, Apple watch has certainly changed our perception towards best wearable fitness device. All thanks to the giant that we are able to perceive the technology in a whole new perspective. With Apple Watch, the users are able to utilize a number of techniques simultaneously be it playing the music or keeping an eye on the calories burnt.

The wrist and the eye-based devices have remained the center of attraction for the users so far. And, as per the recent increase, there will be ear-based devices that will become prominent as the best wearable fitness device. These wearable devices will gain an edge over other devices owing to their capacity of measure an individual’s bio-metric functions.

Wearable Technology Company Working for Banking Sector

Wearable devices are yet to penetrate the banking sector. Imagine your bank could offer you product and services utilizing an exceptional wearable device. On an organization’s part, it is an exceptional way for them to promote their services by reaching to an extended number of audiences.

The banking industry is the one that has the bulkiest source of consumer data. Even though there are no regulations or any given restrictions to manage the data and that is why getting the services from wearable technology companies could help exceptionally well in arranging the data in the banking industry for consumer benefit. Additionally, the insurance players could utilize services from wearable technology companies to arrange the consumer data.

Types of Wearable Technology in Logistic Industry

There is a wide scope for the logistic industry to utilize prominent services from a list of wearable technologies. And, the best part is the technique can be utilized in almost all the aspects in logistic industry. It can be utilized to generate passenger information for booking the ticket or for having the luggage information or getting the information about a delayed flight.

The maintenance staff can also use different types of wearable technology to inspect of the condition of aircrafts. Such future devices will have all the potential to resolve a number of issues without getting worried about specific concerns that keep on happening in the logistics industry.

Retail Industry

Different types of wearable technology can contribute to keeping an eye on the data that retailers keep on generating regularly. If the wearable technology will be focused prominently on this particular industry, users will be able to search for better services and products by having additional information about them. Major retailers are searching more possibilities to help the consumers get a holistic shopping experience.

Different types of wearable technology can help retailers make the shopping experience much more prominent for the users. Wearables devices are promising for the retail industry as they can offer a series of benefits to the professionals operating in the same. In case the scope of research becomes prominent users may get a variety of options to pay for the services from their wearable devices only.

Now that we have talked much about the scope of wearable gadgets in a host of industry, let’s take a look at the user’s take on this new technology.

User’s Take on Wearable Devices

When approaching a new technology, it is important to understand the scope and the effectivity of that particular technology in the users’ lives. In case of wearable devices, the technology is helping users to in a number of innovative ways to make their lives much more easier. Wearable devices are actually helping the users and best wearable fitness device is an exceptional example of the same.

Right from smart watches to eyewear glasses, the scope of wearables is continually increasing among the lives of the users. We have become so much focused on our day-to-day lives that it has now become important for us to keep the track of our health conditions with the help of wearables. Devices like Fitbit watches and Apple’s smartwatch has certainly contributed towards users’ health benefits.

Multiple Senses in Wearables

Wearables bring in the benefit by being way more connected to user’s physical body. No other devices or smartphones could ever get into the users’ lives as wearables are. Studies conducted to find out wearable devices’ effectivity have showcased users trust on these devices and drastic behavioral change that are far away from the expected ones. Users’ tend to move towards goals that are easy to achieve.

One example that shows the multiple senses of wearables in one application only is Evernote app for Apple watch. The features and the functions in the Apple watch are similar to that of the desktop version. But they are represented in a totally different manner. With a single click, the users are represented with all the exceptional app features. Users do not require multiple menus to access all the benefits.

If users’ initiate talking, the app immediately creates a note of whatever users are dictating and syncs the same with the calendar. This gives an intuitive experience to the users that increases the app surfing experience for them.

Some Facts for Wearable in Mobile App Development Industry

  • Gartner believes that the count of internet connected devices is going be nearly 26 billion by 2020
  • 71% of users using wearable devices fall under the age 16-24
  • Growth in wearable market is expected to increase 35% by 2019
  • 69% of men are researched to have wearables in comparison to 56% of women

Wearable Forecast

The Market Trend

  • The worth of global wearable device market was somewhere near to 26 million back in 2014 that is now expected to be $34 billion by 2020
  • The volumes are expected to rise broadly in the future
  • However, the matter of concern is that users must be kept engaged in the devices
  • The potential of wearable is excessively increasing in the market and among the users alike

In The Conclusion

Wearable devices are an integral part of our daily lives. Addition of exceptional wearable devices has taken user’s experience to a whole new level in the past few years. The skill required for creating these wearable apps is on a high demand and thus the mobile app developers have a fair chance of growth in the related industry.


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