The Actual Cost & Budget of Virtual Reality Mobile App Development

VR Application Development: How Much It Costs To Develop An App

September 22, 2017 by Mike Davis

Virtual Reality domain is expected to generate $30 billion business by the end of 2020. While tech giants and mobile app development companies have developed VR Integrated mobile apps to be utilized in education, military, architect and at a number of other domains, startups can too make their fair share of benefit from the same. However; before, sales, development and even the marketing, must come the question, how much VR mobile apps cost?


The cost of Virtual Reality app development varies depending upon the orders of magnitude and the specification needed to the clients. However, the market of VR mobile app development is currently unoccupied. That gives an absolutely fair change to mobile app development companies to create a killer app and be the uber of Virtual Reality with a niche. Before we discuss VR mobile app development cost, let’s have a look at the pre-requisites of VR mobile app development.

Essentials of Virtual Reality Mobile App Development

Documentation marks the beginning of projects that are outsourced to mobile app development firms. Project documentation carries all the necessary information about a project and the basic idea to develop it. It represents a roadmap to mobile app developers, which guarantees the success of every mobile app development company. Project documentation cost may vary from $700-$3,4000. It may also take a few days for a proper project documentation.

Aspects to Determine The Cost of VR Mobile App Development

Prior to we discuss the actual cost of a VR mobile app development, let us quickly summarize the factors affecting the same:

  • Complexity of an application
  • Number of resources employed
  • Requirements to be fulfilled
  • Technology used

There are different categories of mobile applications that use the elements of Virtual Reality. Here is a brief overview of the development time of AR/VR products right from a simple to a complex application.

  1. A simple VR game is one wherein the protagonist runs towards the finish line, avoiding the barriers like stones, changing landscape, natural calamities, and other players too in order to get to the finish line. These are the basic VR embedded mobile apps that utilize simplest VIrtual Reality techniques. Mobile app development companies generally take 1 month to develop such apps.
  2. There are shopping apps that integrate the element of Virtual Reality in order to offer 3D view of products. Such apps generally take more than two months for mobile app developers to accomplish such projects.
  3. One of the most complex apps with the elements of VR is MMORPG. It is a multiplayer role-playing application that takes at least 6-12 months and involvement of more than 10 developers to accomplish the project.

Different Technical Aspects

The Bottom Line

Virtual Reality apps are no more a fiction today. We have covered a number of topics around this technology to showcase its arrive in the mobile app development domain. The technology has got all the potential to create innovation in the tech world. And, the best news about VR apps is, they offer a redefining experience to the users, which is contributing to the exceptional growth of Virtual Reality applications.

VR App Costings


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