UX Design Tips for Improving Your Mobile App

UX Design Tips for Improving Your Mobile App

November 14, 2016 by Appdexa

In this age of mobility it is a common practice for most of us in staring at the mobile applications on our smartphones, which are vying to capture and retain our attention. All these mobile apps have one thing common among themselves and that is a successful creation of an engaging and intuitive user experience (UX). In fact, we see that more and more companies are realizing that the UX  is the critical factor that makes them  stand apart from the rest of their competition.

In the real world, UX designers must be able to take into account the growing complexities in their projects, not just the user experience. The UX focuses quite a lot on the usability factor, using tools like usability testing and user research. Other than research and analysis, the visual design of the interface has a considerable impact on the UX. It is the aim of the UX designer to build an UX, easy to utilize and understand. A good UX is effective in producing positive emotions for the app, with improved levels of user interface and enhanced usability.

Following are some of the UX design tips for improvement of your mobile app:

  • Simplify
  • Design on a Grid
  • Cutting the Clutter
  • Leveraging the Patterns
  • Reduction of Barriers
  • Reduction in the Number of Clicks
  • Consider the Big Picture


Ease of use is the main advantage for the development of the user interface of the application. A simplified design enables the user in understanding and using the mobile app. A positive user experience only comes from building an user interface that is easily understood, even if when the user experience is detailed and beautiful.

Design on a Grid

A grid acts like a roadmap for the user interface. The layout has a poor impression and has an uneven appearance, when a grid is not used. The grid makes a proportionate design with items aligned to each other. In fact, the app developer find it easier, while using a grid in translating the interface design into a clean and functional app.

Cutting the Clutter

Most of the mobile users are multi-tasking and using the apps, while on the go and would like the content to be easily understandable.  Only the right amount of information need to be conveyed at a particular point in time. There must be a reduction in the number of clutters, in the form of verbosity of words, too many design elements and poor organization.

Leveraging the Existing Patterns

Consistency with the user interface patterns improves the usability of the apps. The established patterns are to be followed, so far navigation is concerned, so that the user will not need to relearn, while downloading the app. Appropriate patterns and styles, pertinent to the Operating System in use are needed to avoid user confusion.

Reduction of Barriers

Reduction of barriers to usage refers to simplification of learning the app, A task that becomes too difficult for the mobile app user makes it easier for the user to abandon the app. The content and functionality of the app must be quickly made, so as to increase the retention and adoption rates.

Reduction in the Number of Clicks

The frequently performed tasks will require the reduction in the number of clicks, for completion of the tasks, reducing the time and effort.

Consider the Big Picture

A good UX design is not just about an elaborate design, but depends much on how the pieces fit together, in the creation of a positive user experience.

The user experience is useful in the attainment of the intended actions by the end-users. The user interface must fit into the workflow and offer a seamless experience for the users regardless of whatever touch points are used.


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