Business Strategy: How To Reach Your Audience Beyond Google & Apple

Try New Strategies Beyond Google and Apple to Outreach Audience

October 28, 2017 by Janet Scott

Google Play and Apple App Store are losing their charm as the sole gateway for mobile app development companies to make the money & promote their apps. These stores have absolutely gained praises for being the best source to the developers to earn recognition for their apps throughout the globe. Although the Play Store app submission is a sure shot way to gain praises for your apps, but recent dynamics have changed drastically now.

Businesses focus on attracting as many users as possible. And, developing an app for the same has become a celebrated way. Submitting the app to the app store offers an extended recognition to the application, but in an app economy that is growing every single day, industry well known mobile app developers need to outreach to the new audience to create their loyal app user base. And, for the same, they need to focus on the strategies beyond Google Play & Apple App Store.

How to Get in New App Users?

Smart companies are looking beyond iTunes and Google play in order to have their own monetization and advertising techniques. It is true that reaching to the clients is a lot harder than it sounds but a well-organized strategy can work to get in the clients for the business. Mapping out a multiple app store strategy is the way to reach out to a larger market and of course to the audiences as well.

There are a number of innovative app stores that have been developed lately to offer alternatives to industry well known mobile app developers’ all-time favorite Google and Apple Store. Let’s have a close look at these alternatives:

# Amazon App Store

Operated by and designed for Android apps, Amazon App Store is an app store for Android operating system. The worth of registering the apps by Android app development companies is to get 70% of the list price of the app or in-app purchase. One of the exceptional offerings that makes it different from similar app store is “Free App of the Day” feature. As per the feature, every day, one app, most probably a game app is made available for the users to download for free.

# Opera Mobile Store

Opera Mobile Store is a browser-based app store that is platform independent. It is digital application distribution platform that is currently used by more than 40,000 Android app developers across the globe. The mobile store is owned and managed by Opera Software ASA. The service allows the users to download the apps for different devices including Android, iOS, Java, BlackBerry and many others.

# Samsung Galaxy Apps

Formerly known as Samsung Apps, it is an app store that is managed by Samsung electronics. The service is basically offered on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Samsung Gear, and feature phones. The app store offers applications for Android and Windows mobile platforms. Samsung push notifications are sent to offer updates on the latest app store happening.

# SlideMe

SlideMe serves as a marketplace and features an exceptional range of Android apps. Serving as a host to a number of Android app development companies the app store has a wide reach among the mobile app development companies’ users as it has been ranked second to the Google Play in terms of reach to a global audience. The app store helps industry well known mobile app developers to get global recognition.

Trying these alternative mobile app stores is a way for mobile app development companies to get in new clients for the business. Trying these app stores could be the next impressive milestone for mobile app development companies.

The Android Mobile App Publishing Option

App publishing is another celebrated method that could help mobile app development companies gain extended recognition for your application irrespective of the platform it is developed for. “App Publishing” basically refers to making an application available to the users. Publishing a mobile application requires the mobile app developers accomplish different tasks at different levels in order to make the app easily available for the users.

The practice involves a number of technique among which app distribution is the most important that promises the best app advertisement among the users. App publishing, in general, involves two distinctive processes to be done by the app publisher:

  • Mobile app developers need to prepare the application for release, and
  • App developers require releasing the application to the users

The publishing process is generally performed to offer an opportunity to the users so that they could download the application directly without visiting the app store. However, app publishing should only be done after the app has been cleared off from the testing. Your app must not have any bug in order to make it popular among the users.

In the Conclusion

It is a never-ending race for mobile app development companies. And every organization is hoping to lead the race by trying out the new and innovative ways of attaining and engaging the users in their application. App publishing could the next impressive strategy for mobile app developers to get in the interest of the users and promote their apps among them.


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