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TruckSmart App to Solve the Parking Problems

July 15, 2016 by Mike Davis

Don’t ram your truck into a car in frustration! Do not scratch your windshield in aggravation. TruckSmart App has emerged as a ray of hope for the truck drivers who are struggling to find a parking space at the end of their shift.

On an average, 51 percent of the truck drivers stay away four nights or more from their family. Only twelve percent of truckers have the fortune to stay at home except one to two days of nights away from the family.

They sacrifice their rest hours to find a parking space. It can take up to thirty minutes, or in the worst scenario, this duration might extend up to more than an hour. Very few portion of the truckers is able to find the parking space within fifteen minutes of their search. Lately, there had been a rise in the demand of having a parking space for trucks carrying valuable loads. Had this TruckSmart App came early, truck drivers would have this insignificant time to utilize at the comfort their home.


It is better late than never, though this solution has not come late but at the right time indeed. TruckSmart has come with a solution of the parking problem. TruckSmart App provides real time parking availability to the truck drivers. TSPS, short for Truck Smart Parking Services, makes the parking space available up to 30 days prior to the actual parking day at the ease of a trucker’s fingertip. Download this app on the smartphone and truckers can reserve their parking space in the app. It has been made available for both the Android and Apple users.

Tom O’Brien, president and CEO of TravelCentres has said that its one of the feature ‘Reserve-It!’ is developed by TC to help truckers enhance their efficiency and productivity. He adds that it not only give them an assurance that they will find parking space at the end of their day but this feature has made TruckSmart app more convenient than before.”

The company claims to cut down the number of illegal parking and the service hours’ violation scenario with the use of TruckSmart App. “This app will improve mobility, safety and emissions on the highway,” adds Tom O’Brien.

In the recent update of TruckSmart App, now truckers can pay through their credit card.

TruckSmart App has installed on-site cameras to facilitate their ‘Reserve-It’ feature. It has made convenience for the truckers by installing digital road signs informing parking spot being used and left.

TruckSmart App has integrated UltraOne with it. It updates fuel price every fifteen minutes. Customers should hit the refresh button to see the updated price in the app. For availing all the features of UltraOne, a trucker should enter their UltraOne number and PIN to set up and validate the account. TruckSmartApp also provides 24*7 road assistance to its customer. It has been made available on Android’s Google Play and Apple’s App Store.


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