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The Most Essential Mobile UX Elements Every Travel App Should Include

June 30, 2017 by Mike Davis

The internet has put the world on our fingertips and mobile apps have put them beneath our thumbs. With this ongoing trend the interest of the users is increasing in the similar manner. The continuous connectivity with the world sometimes prove too much for the limited access users have. While apps are designed in different category, we are going to talk about the utility of travel apps.

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Travel apps are really useful for users but none of us wish to know every single news about the travel world through these apps. All we need is to get information about our next flight to a travel destination and a flight back to our home. Delightful accommodation, pricing of the same, and affordable food prices also find space in this wish list. With the same reason, it is more than important for every app developer to be specific in these fields.


The biggest challenge for the travel apps today is to continuously feed the clients with the info meant for their benefit. Additionally, the easy-to-navigate interface is also important. Users must feel delighted while using the apps and thus the designing must also be done in this manner.

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Elements that Must be Taken care of while Designing UX Elements for Travel Apps :

Consider Designing for Small Screens but Big Thumbs

Having to zoom out every time to read any specific section of an app really sucks. Such an app is never going to win the hearts of the users. While designing for mobile apps, developers must keep in mind to create elements for small screen as mobile has really got a small screen where menu is presented in front of the users.


An exceptional rule to end with a great designing interface is to taking in account the size of the phone screen as well as of the thumb. One best example of this is Airbnb’s app. The app offers all the required elements over the menu, which makes it easy for the user to do the bookings.


Personalizing User’s Entire Journey

A few years back, it was really important for app service providers to address the users with their first name. Today, it does not hold so much importance. For users, app personalizing experience must pass the first name. It must take into account user’s entire journey and the tasks they are requiring to achieve.


It is true that an amazing experience can keep the users on their toes and this can be achieved through using extensive whitespace, clear CTA, exceptional typography and the results that are meant for users. An app that cares for the concerns of the users is sure to make its way amidst a number of other applications.


Putting Function Before Beauty

The beauty of an app is never going to fetch users but it’s functionality can do the same. Of course the beauty is an aspect to look for but it is not all when it comes to engaging the clients in the application. Thus, a dysfunctional app is never going to help developers succeed in their app making process.

Booking app has presented an exceptional example by designing the app that is functional and appealing at the same time. The app makes it easy to engage the clients and additionally offering them what they require with the functionality of the application. Superior user-experience can only come after thorough testing, tweaking and proper optimization.



Travel and utility apps can only succeed in their approach if they have been designed with exceptional UI elements. While developing an app that would interest users, the developers must follow the guidelines that have been explained above. Every element of your app contributes towards its success. Hence, try to incorporate all those elements that are functional as well as user-centric.

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