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Top Programming Languages For Cyber Security and Why?

November 27, 2018 by Janet Scott

Knowing a programming language or two can really come in handy in today’s tech-inspired world. This is because the programming languages act as a basic foundation for the respective technologies. For instance, Flutter can be considered a new and evolving app development community with major brands backing it up.

Similarly, the programming languages also contribute when it comes to the cyber security sector. That’s the reason why, in this article, we will be discussing some of the best programming languages for cyber security. Apart from this, we will also be stating the pros and cons of these cyber security programming languages.

The cyber security languages can be your answer to improving the app’s functionalities and securing the mobile as well as web-based apps from unethical practices like hacking. Here are some of the best programming languages when it comes to cyber security.

Top Programming Languages For Cyber Security

Below is the list of programming languages that are considered to be best for cyber security:

1. Bash

The Bash can be referred to as a Unix shell, basically, a command programming language that was written by Brian Fox for the GNU Project as a free software replacement for the Bourne shell. This language is similar to Python but due to its restriction to the Linux platform, it falls behind.

Bash is a highly excessive scripting programming language, due to this many networks use this specific language to control their network security hardware. On an additional note, we highly recommend using Linux as your main platform as it is also considered to be one of the most secure platforms that are currently available in the market.


2. SQL

Our next pick for the best programming language for cyber security is SQL i.e. Structured Query Language which is a domain-specific language that is used in program designing for data that is to be managed in a database like RDSMS (Relational Data Stream Management System).

Currently, there are various programming languages that are listed under the category of computer security programming. These languages also play a vital role in the development of automated tools that are used to track and monitor the websites/apps to determine their level of security from cyber attacks and hacking. The SQL language allows the user to retrieve all information from databases and modify it accordingly.


3. Python

Python is another great cyber security programming that deserves to be mentioned in this list of top programming languages for cyber security. It is an interpreted high-level programming language that was introduced with the aim of general-purpose programming. Python is usually preferred to mechanize the repetitive informative that gets collected in the database.

The Python language is widely used during the process of crypto- plus malware-analysis. Here, users will find a large collection of libraries to perform almost every function that is required. Apart from this, the user has a wide array of functions including multi-threaded programming, sending TCP-packets and many more.


4. C Programming Language

There’s no denying the fact that C programming language is the basis on which other programming languages are developed. The involvement of C language in almost every operating system is said to be more than 90% this also involves the framework part. So if you are thinking from the perspective of a white-hat-hacker, C programming language can act as a boon for you.

C is also integrated into the majority of software programming, from basic information to the CyberSec viewpoint this cyber security coding language can be used as an effective approach. With this language, app developers can easily define the different functions used in the security network.

C Programming Language


Another best language to learn for cyber security is HTML as it is being used by a large percentage of websites virtually. As a standard markup language, HTML can be efficiently used by a professional working in the department of cyber security. This language is considered to be one of the easiest languages to understand and the simplest to learn.

If you are well aware of the basics of HTML, then you can easily opt for a career in the front-end application development department. Just like JS i.e. JavaScript, users can easily insert the code of HTML directly into web-based applications and sites this can also be referred to as the cross-site scripting attack.


Final Thoughts

The field of cyber security is huge and cannot be constrained into a number of predefined fundamentals, which is why it requires a wide range of professionals such as forensic investigators, ethical hackers, security analysts etc. And the foundation on which all of these opportunities lie is the knowledge of a specific coding language or multiple programming languages.

We hope that by reading this article, you come across some valuable insights regarding cyber security and how you can get a step ahead in it with the help of basic coding knowledge. Make sure to read some of our other interesting articles on emerging technologies like ‘IoT is Reshaping The World: 4 Ways to Prove The Fact.’


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