Functional Ideas for Creating your Very First Mobile App

There are plenty of common mobile app development ideas that a number of developers choose to create their applications. Meanwhile, the most important considerations remain executing the ideas in the manner similar to as it was developed. While developing an application, a number of developers find difficulty in executing the similar plan. This may get […]

Key Components to Plan your Mobile Budget in 2017

Previous years have remained influential in creating mobile strategies that are affordable, exceptional as well as user centric. As innovative technology has already surfaced in mobile app development industry, the development cost for the same is increasing every year. In such a competitive price market, saving on the cost of development is something that every […]

Mobile Marketing Trends Going to Prevail in 2017

2017 is just a few days old and predictions have it that the year is going to be a notable one in the context of mobile marketing trends. While the bygone year offered much more than expected in the similar context, the technology in the new year is only going to get bigger this year. […]

How to Ensure Security of your Enterprise Apps

Enterprises apps are growing in number every single day as more and more business owners are bringing their trade online. Such apps leverages the ease of connection to the clients. Moreover, the use of smartphones for accessing business services is growing and thus it is imperative to have such an app for your business too. […]

Mobile App Development: Latest Trends to Watch in 2017

Mobile users have surpassed the number of desktop users that is expected to grow more in the upcoming years. This fact offers enough room to bring innovation to mobile app development regime. Additionally, the booming rise in the app development trends has also given a compelling reason to create user-centric applications. Apps in the Google […]

Definite Mobile App Marketing Trends

App marketing is not just essential but very much crucial for the success of a mobile application. Although the app downloads are surpassing the previous download number, app abandonment is still a challenge for the developers to tackle with. The reason for abandoning any app may vary from poor UI/UX to slower browsing speed or […]

Promising Elements to Elevate User Experience

The cardinal rule for entrepreneurs is – “The customer is number 1”. And, to delight your clients, it is prominent to elevate user experience. While much has been talked and researched on offering exceptional UX to the clients, there are some ground rules to follow when working on it. Satisfying customers is almost like walking […]