What is Appdexa And Why You Should Know About It

There is good and then there is better than the rest! Amidst the sales pitch of thousands of companies, it becomes impossible to hear the ones that offer what you want. Now make smart choices with high-quality research on Appdexa. The company is one of the latest addition in mobile industry that connects its clients […]

The Basics of Creating Successful Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are playing a prominent role in making people’s life easier. They are becoming more powerful, user-centric and engaging as well. Today mobiles are not meant only for making a call or forwarding a message but also helping users do a number of household and other miscellaneous tasks. Simple or complex, informative or entertaining, […]

Stay Connected To Your Vehicle With DaddysRoad

Today, life has become much easier and manageable because of limitless facilities offered by mobile applications. Currently, there are innumerable apps that help people in shopping, ordering food and booking taxi to name a few. However, lack of a perfect application to deal with the issues of parking a car or bike in a vulnerable […]

How Facebook Manages to Attain Maximum App Retention ?

Stats tell us that Facebook’s mobile app like FB, FB messenger and Instagram have over 90% retention rate on an average. The biggest trigger that prompts app users to uninstall an app is slow speed and aggressive battery consumption. But how Facebook prevents those uninstalls? Recently the ace social networking giant revealed the tricks of the […]