Android Instant App : An Overview on the Latest Google Technology

Google can be synonymized as the hub of innovation when we talk about the latest technology. Whether it is about Android app development or launching a new technology or stunning the users with revolutionary techniques, Google steals the show every single time. And, it is almost impossible to talk on each of Google’s innovation in […]

3 Reasons Your Small Business Needs A Mobile Application

You are “app-solutely” not staying relevant to your small business if you think mobile applications are not meant for your business. You are missing on a huge opportunity by not including the smartphone users for the growth of your business. Everyone of us has a smartphone and we carry it at every possible corner we […]

Bring Visibility to Mobile App Business Through Publicity

Social media, fresh content, video and emails, all these have been accepted as the standard marketing means. Among these celebrated marketing tools, we often forget the power of publicity. It is more of an approach that does the marketing for your business and for the products as well. Publicity has of course changed the way […]

UX Design Tips For Increasing Visual Aesthetics of Mobile Apps

The success of a mobile application depends upon a number of factors, UX design tips being the most influential one. Besides providing a superb user experience, mobile applications need to fulfill a number of expectations to register the sure shot success among the audience. The visual aesthetics, navigation pattern and an app’s responsive nature are […]

Reasons Behind Investing in Mobile App Marketing

There is an explosion in the number of Smartphone and tablet users. The worldwide proliferation  of mobile apps is changing the way we market these products. Although we have almost seen a meteoric rise in mobile development, we do not find an equally matching investment towards mobile marketing. The reason behind these is that we […]

New Mobile App that helps Kiwi Women Battling Breast Cancer

The apps are generally highly innovative in nature and provides real-time updates of the information obtained from relevant sites. There are a whole plethora of apps that offer support to people who are battling a serious illness like that of breast cancer. A disease like breast cancer invokes fear and lots of confusion. There is […]