5 Biggest Mobile App Development Pre Launch Practices To Avoid

The saying – “first impression is the last impression” must have been coined by someone smart enough to have the knowledge of mobile app marketing business. And in case, you are lacking that hint of smartness in your working skills, no worries, we are there to offer you a helping hand. A hand to show […]

Enterprise Mobility’s Role in App Development

In case you are an entrepreneur wishing to develop a business strategy for your company, or simply a professional who is trying to attract more and more clients for the business, enterprise mobility is something that matters to you very much. And if you wish to gain insight of the same, keep on reading to […]

Get Your Mobile App Development Business Noticed

Whether you own a full-fledged mobile app development business or entering in this sector as a freelance owner, you need to have a profound profile to showcase your services to the rest of the world. Marketplaces could help you in gaining all the applauses for the business! While choosing marketplace to showcase your services, go […]

2017 Mobile App Industry Trends in The Wearable Apps

Whether it is Apple store or Google play store, the number of apps in the respective stores has grown more than 2 billion. And, the upcoming trends in mobile industry have generated huge revenue for the business. Talking particularly about the trends that are flourishing in the related domain, wearable apps have been topping the […]

A Note on the Skills of an iOS App Developer

Opting for the career of an iOS app developer is not like as it was a few years back. As there was not so much competition, developers were not required to give their best in almost every kind of app they develop. With the ever-rising mobile app development technology, it is more than important for […]

Tips for Developing Mobile Apps Having User Flexibility

Mobile apps have become the lifeline of every business today, all thanks to the mobile app development companies! Having a mobile app with best user flexibility is one of the important concerns for businesses today. As working on extended app flexibility may complicate the final user experience and thus the requirement is to balance both […]

Techies App Will Help During Haj Emergencies

During Haj about hundreds of thousands of people (Muslims) gather to show their faith and submission to God but this is also the time when a lot of people either dies due to accidents like a stampede or are disconnected from their groups. During such times it becomes hard for the people who don’t know […]

Google Arts & Culture Mobile App Transforms Smartphone

The world is full of art lovers and if you are one of them, we have a fantastic news for you! Recently Google cultural institute launched its new Arts & Culture app for Android and iOS. It has also launched the website for this purpose but by any means the mobile app is more attracting and […]

10 Must Know Pokemon Go Facts You Ought to Know

The app is making headlines all over the world and technology experts can’t stop talking about it. The game is attracting both young and middle-aged. The most surprising fact about Pokémon Go is, in just a few days, it has left behind leading apps like Tinder and Snapchat. While everyone is talking about tricks to […]