4 Costly Mistakes First-Time Entrepreneur Should Avoid

Everyone makes mistakes, but when it is about your startup, you really can’t spill your water and slip on it. It may cost you heavily that you, of course, can’t afford. When it is about starting a business, you need to be very thoughtful about your ideas and the strategies you will be adopting for […]

The Utility of AR Apps for Product Comparison

Technology has surpassed almost all the assumptions that we used to just think of a few years back. AR or augmented reality apps are the true example to it. In case you have paid attention to the graphics that appear in the form of score when you watch a match or play those virtual games […]

The Chatbot Revolution : Dawn of a New Era

Chatbots are really amazing, aren’t they? They are probably the best devices that have utilized “artificial intelligence” in the most exceptional way. Who has thought humans will be assisted thoroughly with these chat enabled devices? Well, technology has gone far away from our imagination and chatbots provide the best example to the same. Well, it’s […]

Wireframes : The Base To Kickstart Your Next Mobile App

They say “you can’t draw a painting without an outline”. The saying goes absolutely true to mobile app development. And when we are talking about the app outline, the most important thing to consider is “Wireframes- the building blocks for any mobile app”. It is true that mobile app development is a very sophisticated process. […]

Cloud Based Mobile Apps : A Budding Technology

History holds evidence that mobile apps trends can only survive if they are effective and efficient at the same time. Otherwise trends in mobile app development come, stay and disappear like anything. For developers, it is the technological era where they can be experimental with their ways of app development. All thanks to this liberalization, […]

Google Gets Into Spam Call Detection, Finally!

Spam Call Detection Many countries have introduced laws against spamming in the telephone system, but these are enforced enough to discourage this frustrating behavior. Spam call blockers have been around for many years, with some major third party players like TrueCaller. These third party applications have control in most of the available market. Google has […]

Rimmel Unveils Augmented Reality App

Rimmel, the cosmetics brand, from the house of Coty Inc. recently launched an augmented reality app by the name of “Get the look”. Being an augmented reality app, it was developed with user centric approach in context. 3D augmented reality technology is a patent pending technology developed by Holition and is smart enough to extract […]