Work on Android Apps that Respect Users Privacy !!

Downloading Android apps can be frustrating for a number of users because of the fact that it requires access to all those features of user’s phone that are even not important. This frustrates some of the users to such a level that they sometime abandon the app. This is going to harm the reputation of […]

Smart Steps to Outsource Mobile App Development ?

If you have already decided on developing a mobile app, the best option might be to outsource app development. The users generally choose this option because they might lack the time to develop a mobile app. The trend on mobile app development continues and we see from small businesses up to the big corporations are […]

8 Color Scheme Trends in Mobile App Design

Google’s revolutionary take on introducing high-end material design concept in 2014, paved way for other gen-next app design technologies to spruce up the industry. And if sources are to be believed, this mobile app design & development is no longer a distinct part of web industry, instead it has now emerged as an influencing and […]