Android Instant App : An Overview on the Latest Google Technology

Google can be synonymized as the hub of innovation when we talk about the latest technology. Whether it is about Android app development or launching a new technology or stunning the users with revolutionary techniques, Google steals the show every single time. And, it is almost impossible to talk on each of Google’s innovation in […]

Prediction On The Future of Mobile App Economy

App economy is a massive business. And, the year 2017 is going to be another banner year for the growth of this business. The trends in the app economy keep on changing day by day. Be it about a new Android version or something is happening there in the field of iOS, app economy keeps […]

Android App Development – The Life-cycle Guide for Every Developer

The process, steps and approaches involved in mobile app development are getting  innovative every single day. As they are impressive, every developer must know about these exceptional approaches. It’s been quite a few years now since Android has made its mark in the industry and offered a whole new opportunity to the businesses to flourish […]

Some of the Best Mobile Scanning Apps

Mobile scanning apps: You may feel the need to scan receipts, notes on a whiteboard and the best way about doing this is to take a snapshot, followed by some text recognition and finally save the document in the cloud. It is then possible that the saved document is accessed by some other devices. The […]

Pokemon Go Makes its Way Into Android, iPhones Lagging Behind

If you’re an Android user, you can now play Pokemon Go on your phone. The game has entered the world of Android phones even before making its way into iPhones. Pokemon Go is all the rage this year. Since its launch on the 6th of July, it has garnered much attention worldwide. Millions of people […]

10 Must Know Pokemon Go Facts You Ought to Know

The app is making headlines all over the world and technology experts can’t stop talking about it. The game is attracting both young and middle-aged. The most surprising fact about Pokémon Go is, in just a few days, it has left behind leading apps like Tinder and Snapchat. While everyone is talking about tricks to […]