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Thriving for a Successful Product Launch? Here is the Roadmap to Follow

July 3, 2017 by Eric Miller

Thriving for “Conversion” for your newly established mobile app development company? I have got the roadmap that leads to success. Care to know more about the road that could lead you to success, keep reading on to know the insights. Whether you are a sales representative or a mobile app developer or someone into customer-serving domain, it is all about the conversions that is going to give you the desired breathe to survive successfully. In case, you are also thriving for successful product launch, keep following the roadmap shown here.


The lifecycle of every product follows a basic structure. It is all in the approach that a mobile app development company opts for while launching the product that offers the success. Besides your approach, keep in mind to bring something innovative that customers could take home. Keep your clients happy and they are sure to garner results for you! What more should be done is explained here briefly.

Wishing to Gain Engagement Through Product Launch? Be:

Responsible Towards Your Customers

This may sound basic but providing valuables to your mobile apps’ customers could be the ultimate success mantra. It demands a considerable search to ensure your product’s place in the market. Your mobile app product may have awe-inspiring offering, but if it fails to pony up cash from users, you are out of luck for sure!

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Let’s not the luck play on you and try utilize your real-life experience. You may have come across a number of such mobile apps that have frustrated you. Don’t let your users experience the same. Use your experience from the past and focus on the offerings that matters the most for the users.


Open to Product Promotion

Show your discuss-worthy nature to the users. Involve press/social media in your mobile app development campaign to raise awareness. The count of mobile apps/products that launch yearly goes beyond hundred and thousands. And the requirement for every app developer is to stand out from the crowd. Thus, create awareness/hype as much as you can for your products.


Walmart utilized the most out of social media promotion technique to create ad campaign for its black friday ad. And, worthless to mention that the ad attracted the attention as expected. So, the trick lies in offering valuables to the customers. Such an approach is sure to take you closer to the audience.

Mobile App Campaign


What Role Transparency Plays?

Remember Mc Donal’s Canada’s “our food, your questions” campaign? It is one of the most successful marketing campaigns that maintained transparency like no one could have done. The campaign was designed to slay all the rumors spread about the quality of food. It provided an opportunity to the customers to ask anything they would like to get answer for.

Mc Donal’s App Product

The campaign was expected to educate and aware the customers about the food quality. And, dispel the rumors that were creating threat to the sales. Since the campaign garnered huge success, there were nearly 42,000 questions asked and about 3.8 million visitors reading them from food quality FAQ website section.


What are the Other Factors that Could Drive the Sales?

The Basic Tips for a Successful Mobile App/Product Launch Are:


Timing could be the key to a successful product launch. Marketers generally avoid launching products at festive seasons such Christmas. Do a little bit of research and do not forget to consider micro and macro economic factors.


Do not let your product fail because you adopted to a poor pricing strategy. We advise you to undergo a thorough research to know the pricing of your competitors. And, willingness of customers if they are ready to pay what they have asked?

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The Packaging

Packaging needs to be attractive to human eyes. The colors, kind of packaging and the design plays an essential role for successful launch. Serve the audience with their choices and you are sure to gain the leads.

Promotional Strategy

No product has ever received success without a promotional strategy planned exceptionally well. Understand the variety of marketing channels and keep utilizing them for your benefit. A mix of two different medium will help to promote the product exceptionally well.

Consider the Reviews

Let your customers know that their feedbacks matter for your mobile app development business growth. Remember it is customer-centric business world. In case, you are able to keep them contented, their positive reviews are sure to add more to your mobile app sales. Client reviews can make all the difference in making your product successful.

Keep a Close Look on the Competition

Knowing what your mobile bile development competitors are serving to the clients is a step ahead towards making a better strategy. Keep a close eye on what your competitors offer and try to analyze the effectively of the same. Such a move will help to go further easily.


The Roundup of Challenges to keep into the Mind while Launching New Products

Mobile App Productivity

Being a budding marketplace in the US, our team of strategists keeps evaluating the pros and cons of every idea we are going to launch next. This gives us a clear picture of the success of every potential idea. Let’s help you give an insight of the same.

How to Determine if an Idea Carries the True Potential to Create Brand Recognition?

Consideration # 1 Determining the Feasibility of Idea

How unique is your idea and what value does it hold for the customers are important considerations to keep into the mind before launching the product. Let the customers know the USP (unique selling point) of your product and tell them how it is different from the existing products in the market.


If your product has got its own unique value, it is sure to create success. Therefore, do a thorough research prior to investing mobile app development company/product launch.

To determine the value for the product, figure out:

  • Is the product is unique? Or it is just a copy of any existing item?
  • If the product has got some revolutionary feature that none of the products has been showcasing yet?
  • In case the answer is an absolute “yes”! Congrats your product has got the potential to drive the desired sales!
  • Let your product differ in design, price, quality, ease of use and various other new functions.


Consideration # 2 Let Experts Give Their Feedback

Try to get feedback from experts and entrepreneurs and know what they think about your mobile app/product. Networking events are the best podium to get the valuable feedbacks from the professionals, peers, and experts. Welcome all their suggestions, ideas, criticism and appreciation. They are sure to show the true value of your product.

Once done with the feedbacks from experts, evaluate your product once again and give it a second thought if you are going towards the right path. Create a success plan to determine where you want to see your product in next two to three years down the line. The product launch strategy may vary year after year depending upon the success it gets.


Who are the Potential Users Who Will Contribute Towards the Success of Your Mobile App Business?

Consideration # 1 Consider These Questions to Determine the Targeted Users

Target App UserThe better the insight the more your mobile app will earn value.


Consideration # 2 Utilize Different Sources to Know About your Potential Customer

App User Potential

It may sound strange to know about the customers you don’t know anything about. But, trying to figure out the nature and behavior of your customers will help to predict the success of the product in advance. Right from social media channels to the web and through the televisions, try to find out the behavior of the users.

Importance of Social Media

How a Planned Monetization Strategy Could Help in successful iOS/Android Mobile App Launch?

Consideration # 1 Develop a Business Model

Make a plan to describe your product/app and how you are going to make money from it. The plan should include pointers on how you will attract the users to get the returns. It is advised to use a business model to identify the areas you need to work on. A thorough planning is always going to help you to attain more and more customers.

Business Model

Consideration # 2 Show Creativity When You Launch the Products

Creativity is everything that your mobile app development business idea or a product requires to create the success. It is a sure-shot way to derive the sales.

Customers seek innovative services and a way to get the most out of the services. In case you are able to present the same through your creativity, you are absolutely going to win. A thorough research will play the key role in garnering the creativity in your ad campaigns.


How to Retain the Customers?

It is not only getting the clients for the business but equally important is to retain them for long-term success. Your loyal customers are always going to lead the business towards success. And, for the same you need to manage your CRM well enough.


With Customer Relationship Management, your business is going to make all the difference. Thus, to generate leads, keep:

Consideration #1 Promoting Business through Word of Mouth Strategy

Promoting your app development business through WOM strategy is the key to sustain successfully in today’s overcrowded marketplace. In a connected world, word of mouth strategy can be employed through online reviews from the existing customers in order to gain new clients. Positive online reviews have the potential to drive new clients to the business.

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Consideration # 2 Listening to the Unhappy Customers

Remember that all your feedbacks will not end on a positive note. You may come across some customers who are not happy with the services. Try to get their feedback to improve the quality of services. Offer them services that could change their perception towards your services. Unsatisfied customers may prove to be a hindrance in the growth of the business.


How Airtel Succeeded in Ad Campaigning?

Bharti Airtel” the largest India telecommunication brand represented the best example of engaging the clients through ad campaigns. The brand welcomed people in taking part in their campaign to take charge of the network issue. The “open network initiative” was designed similarly to let it appeal to the customers and get sales from the same.


This Indian brand left no stone unturned to tickle the user’s nerve and providing them something out of the box. The ad let people wander about their network issues in the remote areas, which was not a case with Airtel. The brand also joined hands with the users to offer them an opportunity to join their campaign to make it successful through the word of mouth marketing strategy.

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The Closure

Mobile app/Product launch is an essential marketing strategy that requires exceptional support from the customers too. As customers drive the sales in a number of ways, it is very important to give them valuable offering through the services.

Be it a marketing firm, a customer-centric organization or any other sector; involvement of customers matters the most when it is about the leads and the sales.

Right from transparency to letting the customers know about what could your business do for them, it is all about serving the best to the clients. This is the approach that could take every start-up or any organization to climb the success ladder easily.

Thus, a thorough market research in order to answer the queries of the customers is essential to keep into the mind to get the leads from the clients. And, when you have the leads, your brand is going to be known prominently among the competitors.


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