Roadmap to Successful App Development For Startups

Roadmap to Successful App Development For Startups

Mobile Apps are the frontal face of businesses these days. The following provided  roadmap shall help entrepreneurs to strategize their work process in order to develop a well structured and successful business app.

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January 5th, 2021
Twinkle Kalkandha
Twinkle Kalkandha
Product Strategist

In the words of Steve Jobs, ‘I’m convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance’. It takes courage and farsightedness to look for a market- friendly idea and then transform it into a business reality.

By definition, a startup is a young company founded by one or more entrepreneurs to develop a unique product or service and bring it to market. It may or may not be technology based. But, in today’s digital times; often more than not, startups are technology and mobile app based business organizations and many of these businesses organizations have gone on to create some of the biggest business success stories globally.

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This is also a major reason as to why, despite a difficult road to progression; startup ideas have been continuously attracting enterprising individuals.

Initially, a typical startup tends to operate on a shoestring budget, with a team that truly believes in the market requirement and viability of the startup’s idea.

Let us now analyze startup features that separate them from the already running business operations:

  1. Innovative Concepts: Startups are generally based upon innovative ideas and concepts, that the owner thinks the market is ready for. They may or may not complete market studies for the same. Thus, the risk involved herein is the acceptability of the idea itself by the consumers and the market.
  2. Age and Growth: Obviously, startups are young companies and are mostly funded on owner’s savings and family funds. Thus, the growth goals they mostly require to target are quite steep.
  3. A passionate team: It is the passion for the idea, that mostly drives a startup team and not the salaries. As startups are generally always in a short supply of funds and investors, the team herein works at basic salary levels in a hope for exponential rise in the future, when the startup takes off. It is the idea that keeps them going.
  4. Easy Scalability: This is more of a startup necessity. If and when an app idea starts to gain market momentum, it requires immediate scalability, both in terms of services and quality offered.Since the startups start small, it is necessary for them to define goals and prepare for robust scalability beforehand.

App Development Roadmap for Startups

If you have an idea that you think can effectively fill a market gap or a customer problem, you could develop an app around it and make it a business venture. But, this development does not occur in a day.

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In fact, it takes months and years of toil and other resources to evolve an idea into a technology asset. The following steps may help in a smooth and successful mobile app development for startups:

1. Market and Customer Mindset Analysis:

We agree that you have an idea and a good one at that. But, it can only be evolved into a successful business story, if and only it is bought by the customers. Thus, a complete analysis of customers, their mindset and requirements are of utmost importance to any startup. A thorough market research in this regard is necessary.

A complete market research helps the startup owners to analyze the various companies and competitors in the same market space. Their successes and failures could also provide ample insight in terms of user expectations, competition analysis, market tools, etc.. This information is of utmost importance for the app development for startups.

Combined research information about the customers as well as the current market situation gives startup owners a clear picture about the scope of business and user mindset for spendings and expectations in a particular industry.

2. Budget Analysis:

The next important step for a startup is to determine the overall mobile app startup costs and look for ways to secure that kind of funding. Always remember that, Mobile App development is a cost and effort intensive process. But, more often than not, these costs are still much lower than owning and opening a physical store.

Herein, you would first need to shortlist and hire app developer that understands your idea and believes in its market viability. Look for price quotes from their end. Analyze the technology and team requirements for the app and the kind of manpower that its management would require. Also, track in your own basic salary and other overheads. Once the app is developed, it would require a launch and appropriate marketing as well. So, apart from selecting a mobile app development company, you would also have to look into the app marketing strategy and its costs beforehand. The overall numbers of this list would give you a clear idea as to what amount of money would go in the app development roadmap.

If you think, you can manage through the costs by savings, family support, other ways of fundings, etc. you are a big step ahead.

3. Hire the Best Mobile App Developers at Hand:

This is crucial. Your choice in terms of the mobile app development company or inhouse development team will play a major role in the final outlook and success of your mobile app. After all, they would be the ones creating it. As per our experience, lookout for the best app developers for startups.

First and foremost, hire mobile app developers that believe in your idea and its viability. Research about them. Lookout for the best app developers functioning in your industry and work verticals. Read about their delivered and ongoing projects and client reviews. Connect with them and find the best mobile app developers suited to your projects and mindset.

4. Minimum Viable Product (MVP):

Remember, that Rome was not built in a day, and so will not your app. It is a slow, gradual process of evaluation, feedback and resultant changes. In fact, we would genuinely advise you to not go in directly with that perfect app in the market. Take baby steps! All the best mobile app developers for startups would also guide you for the same.

Bring in your mobile app developers to create an initial prototype, catering to the main idea and utility. Inclusion of all additional features and gimmicks is not required at this stage. A minimum Viable product (as its name suggests) will give you an idea of the user response towards the idea and its utility for them. Trust us, this MVP would provide you with invaluable customer’s mindsets and requirement related information. It would also help you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your project beforehand.

5. Strategize Your App Smartly:

After the MVP, you as an entrepreneur would now have a clear understanding of the market and customer behavior of your particular industry behavior. The new market-friendly version of your app for your customers now requires it to be designed as per this information.

You now need to design and draft app monetization strategies as well as the mobile app marketing strategy that you think would work for your app. Herein, the complete picture, its outlook and industry standpoints are defined. Also, take into account the mobile app promotion strategies employed by your competitors and find the most effective one. Mix them with some of your own new ideas to create a new smart niche space for your app.

6. Wireframe Your App:

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Once all your app strategies are in place, work with your mobile app developers to lock in the final look of your app and its functionalities. Ensure a futuristic outlook for your app, as it is going to define the user’s perspective for the whole brand you tend to create. All the experienced mobile app developers for startups are well aware about the importance of this step. They shall take into account all your market research data and requirements, to present you with final design options. The technologies that would get included, data, etc. related information frames as well will also be finalized with it.

7. Go ahead and Develop Your App.Launch the Final product:

If the ideas, prototypes and app functionalities in the wireframes version are synonymous with the outlook of the app you had in mind; go ahead and get the app developed. Remember to provide the mobile app developers with clear deadlines and functionality steps. Open up channels for free and open communication and provide timely feedback. Ensure that the app that gets developed is in synchronization with all market requirements as well.


The above steps will definitely help you create an in-genuine app for your business idea. But, it is not the end of the road. Your app is nothing , until it successfully reaches your target audiences. Ensure paid and organic app marketing tools are optimally utilized to place the mobile app succulently in the app store space. Also, the upkeep and maintenance of apps is paramount. Ensure all of these aspects are well taken care of in order to develop a digital market winner.

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