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How to Leverage Streamline Communication to Remote Teams through App Development

July 5, 2017 by Mike Davis

You may not always go as per the planning but the story is not similar when you adopt for the services of mobile app developers. Services for leveraging streamline communication in order to manage the teams remotely is now easy through mobile applications. Right from managing the mobile app development teams at remote locations to now providing the virtual assistance, mobile apps(project management) has truly succeed in the attempt.

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Communication protocols are very important when it is about managing your distant mobile app development team. There are a number of ways that could be kept into the mind while you focus to streamline the remote team management. Additionally, there are a number of tools that could help in better project management.

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Here is a Overview on the Best Tools Available for the Purpose :


Basecamp is the solution for all the mobile app development agencies who are looking for easy to use task communication. It can easily be assigned to do the task by one or different people.

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 There is also an effective chat communication for remaining in touch with the team members. Moreover, the tool is available at an initial price of $29/month. A little bit of money can help you gain major insights.



It offers tool for a number of departments including businesses, accounting, client servicing and much more. FunctionPoint has got some great features and the features include file sharing and approval of workflows, managing individual tasks at different levels, authorizing tasks, reporting and invoicing and much more to it.


Teamwork Projects

It is an exceptional software to use for telling your company what matters the most to the team. Private messaging facility is all there that leverages messaging to any of the team members you need to tell anything. Certain project details could also be made private as per the requirement. You need to invest a few bugs in order to get it.


Now that much has been talked about the mobile app development management tools, let’s have a glance on what points to consider before choosing the app development companies to offer the tools.

Here are the Questions to Consider :

If the Tool is flexible or not?

Flexibility matters when it is about choosing a tool for establishing the communication. Thus, prior to choosing the tools, ensure it is flexible enough.



One of the most important points to keep into the mind is the user-friendliness of the tool and the software that you are going to use next. It is a no to compromise on this parameter.


Does it offer Customization Space?

Customization is the key to drive the sales in the business. If your are not considering the same, you are missing on a huge sales opportunity.


What Specifications are There for Users?

Users must be provided an exceptional offering in order to give them the value through the services. It is essential to satisfy the customers.


The Upshot

The size of your mobile app development company never matters when you are using such a tool. Right from Microsoft to any budding multinational technology company, remote project management platforms could help in handling the team successfully. Right from the software to the considerations to keep into the mind, you need to look at different aspects prior to investing in the same. An investment with a thorough analysis could help to garner exceptional results.


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