Stay Connected to Your Vehicle with DaddysRoad

Stay Connected To Your Vehicle With DaddysRoad

December 7, 2016 by Appdexa

Today, life has become much easier and manageable because of limitless facilities offered by mobile applications. Currently, there are innumerable apps that help people in shopping, ordering food and booking taxi to name a few. However, lack of a perfect application to deal with the issues of parking a car or bike in a vulnerable situation is a major problem, but not anymore. This is because of DaddysRoad, a mobile app that notifies owners whenever there is a need to pay attention on the vehicle. Jiju Joseph, Jiju George and Vineeth P.K have developed this app and is gaining huge momentum in the market because of its amazing concept.  

If you are the one who feel nervous about parking your car in a public place then this app is perfect for you. While using this app you don’t have to be online in order to get alert notifications. This clearly means that upon being offline, you will get notified as SMS. You are required to download the app to add vehicle’s registration number and when the parking is wrong or any kind of miscreant is causing harm to your vehicle, others can search the registration number and notify. There is no need to be online as upon being offline you will get notified through a SMS. On the other hand, vehicle owners can tag their vehicles with a QR code sticker, allowing people to know that they are connected through this mobile app.

Some More Features Of DaddysRoad

Another interesting feature of the app is that essential documents like RC book, driving license, emission control certificate, driving license and many more can be stored on its SSL secured cloud storage. In addition, you can set renewal alerts for the insurance of their vehicles, emission expiry and for other car or bike related services. In case of an accident or any other emergency situation, Driving Safety Assistance feature will be very beneficial. This is because the feature allows you to add two contacts to Emergency list and in case of such situation alert messages can be send to the victim’s emergency contacts.

In fact, such kind of emergency situation was once faced faced by the friend of George. When his friend met with an accident then it took a long time to trace his whereabouts and to inform the relatives. After knowing about this incident, George presented the idea in front of Vineeth and Joseph, who are engaged in the development of Internet related products. Hence, there is nothing wrong in saying that this triggered the development of this app.

According to Joseph, there are numerous car locating as well as parking apps but till date, there were no app for contacting vehicle owners. However, this app is specifically designed for this purpose only. In order to encourage the adoption of the app, developers of this app are introducing it in clusters in IT hub of some major metros. This amazing mobile app connect you with your vehicle always and has become a must-have app for the safety of the vehicle.


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