Some of the Best Mobile Scanning Apps

Some of the Best Mobile Scanning Apps

October 27, 2016 by Appdexa

Mobile scanning apps: You may feel the need to scan receipts, notes on a whiteboard and the best way about doing this is to take a snapshot, followed by some text recognition and finally save the document in the cloud.

It is then possible that the saved document is accessed by some other devices. The document scanners has always played an important role in the management of small business. But, in this age of mobile computing, the use of desktop scanners has lowered to a great extent. While using the mobile scanning apps you need not worry about keeping some crumpled bits of paper with you or risk losing your  valuable notes. In fact, we find plenty of apps which converts the smartphones and tablets into efficient documents scanners, for you work. Following are five such best of mobile scanning apps:

Android based App on Google Drive

mobile scanning apps

Google drive is an app that you already use for increasing your productivity. There is an app for the Android version of Google Drive and it performs important functions like scanning documents as well as optical character recognition(OCR) based on the text on the document. However, the same is not applicable on the iOS version of the Google Drive, but there are some important features like arrangement of photos and snapshots of documents easily and then making it possible to convert the documents into a PDF, from another device. The advantage of the app lies in the easiness of using the app’s feature, without any unwanted markers or water marks on the document.


mobile scanning apps

This is an widely accepted app and is one app that is available, free on the Android, iOS and the Windows platforms. This is also an easy to use app, is capable of performing OCR on the scanned documents and direct scan documents into PDF. It performs batch scanning of documents in a short duration of time. Enhancement of images is also possible through the auto-crop feature. Other useful features of this scanning app is annotations of the scans with notes and highlighting. It is also possible to access documents from the Cloud and access them from other devices. It is said to work very well with differently-sized documents. Additional features like password protection for shared PDF documents, editable OCR, greater amount of cloud storage and auto syncing with other forms of cloud services such as Dropbox, Box and Google drive comes with the premium version of the app.

Genius Scan

This is a scanning app from Grizzly Labs and generates PDFs of the documents or snaps quick images of documents quite easily, with just a snap. Basic editing tools like archiving and auto cropping are other features of the scanning app. There is an automatic enhancement of the final scan and keeps it in the library, so as to share or email it at a later date. 


iScanner is a scanning app that comes with the feature of automatic detection of borders, even when the scanned document is less tidy document, like a torn piece of paper. It is an iOS only mobile scanning app and helps to create quality documents, with the help of such wonderful features like color correction and removal of noise. The file management feature of iScanner is empowered with features like selection of folders, along with drag and drop features. Collaboration with other users is made possible through the emails. Sharing the same scanned document, over other platforms like OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox are also possible. The confidential scanned documents are protected with the password. The scanned documents is also editable with cutting and pasting pages.

PDF Scanner

This mobile scanning app is based on Android only and relies on advanced image processing, for the correction of tilted pages, aspect ratio errors and ragged pages. It not only creates PDFs, but also helps in annotations in the form of erasing text and highlighting. It is supportive of extraction and  conversion of PDFs into JPEG type of images. The scanned documents gets saved into Android devices or to the SD card. The PDF scanner files may also be uploaded in the Cloud platforms like Dropbox and Google drive and then further distribute them on the social media channels.


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