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It Is Severe: US Smartphone users are Facing Heightened App Security Risk

May 9, 2017 by Eric Miller

Information is all around us and surveys are done to find the effectivity of the same. A recent survey in the US found out that smartphone users are facing heightened app security risks. A nationwide survey on 1000 US citizens has found out that nearly 45% of the users do not even consider scrutinising the app details prior to installing the same. In addition to this, 60% of the users rarely review the privacy policy and the permissions that apps ask from the users. The case is similar with us also.

Our approach towards allowing mobile apps to get access to our private data has become carefree to a great extent. And the approach is taking its toll over the US citizens. The careless behavior is one of the reasons, US citizens are facing a threat of becoming victim to app security issues that many times prove fatal for them.

The cyber crime rate in the US is growing at a steady rate making it very important to keep app security on the top priority. In case app get security issues, it offers equal threat to the personal user data that is accessed through the company as soon as a user completes the registration.

Nearly 3.8 million cyber crime cases are registered particularly in the US. As the techniques are getting advanced, there is much more threat to the personal information of the users. It has become a general notion for the apps developers to ask for the personal user data. The users, in order to use the new apps and the functionalities do not even consider twice before sharing their personal information.

Here is More Mobile App Security Issues:

Downloading Malicious Apps

It happens with a number of users and the percentage goes nearly to 37%. It is the percentage of the users who unknowingly download malicious apps through a link from an email or while browsing through any application. Without checking the authenticity of these links, many users download them being the victim of these malicious apps.

Mistakenly Downloading Applications

Nearly 12% of apps are believed to be downloaded mistakenly by the users. There is a continuous threat that these apps may not have arrived from trusted sources. It, thus, may prove to be a move that could create security threat to user information. And, downloading apps from unknown resources could also create other problems.

Using Codes From Other Developers

Creating a code from the scratch is of course a tedious task. And, to remain efficient in mobile app development, a number of developers use codes that have already been developed. This increases the chances of hacking. Hence, it is advised to ensuring the security of these codes.

Not Implementing Security To The Servers

A number of apps contain sensitive user information and have their connection back to the server. In case, the transit is not safe, it can have a toll on the security of the application too. Thus, it is important to keep securing the transit and your application too.

In The Conclusion

Mobile app security is becoming a subject of concern for the developers. The problem has grown to such an extent now that it has become a problem for those who keep on coding. Well, the problem is getting one bigger each day and thus it is important to give a major push to the ways the codes are developed for the application.