Smart Mobility and the Trends on Mobile App Marketing for 2017

Smart Mobility and the Trends on Mobile App Marketing for 2017

November 11, 2016 by Appdexa

The mobile technologies are no longer considered as disruptive in nature. The marketing trends for mobile apps are based on smart mobility. The mobiles are acting as catalysts for transformation of your business.

The IT strategy of each and every organization is dependent on the mobility trends at the enterprise levels. The process of mobile app development is dependent on the strategy, software and the methodology for development, aligned to the current landscape for the diverse sectors addressed with the mobile applications.

Following are some of the enterprise level mobility trends for an impact on the mobile app marketing trends for 2017:

  • Employee Mobile Application Adoption
  • Ruling Initiatives With Mobile Applications
  • Security and Risk Awareness
  • Proliferation of Mobile Connected Smart Objects
  • Better Mobile UX Design
  • More Mobile Investment
  • Bigger Data for More Marketing Opportunities
  • Wearable Devices and Their Differentiating Power
  • Mobile App Adoption With Analytics

Employee Mobile Application Adoption

There is a change in focus from B2C to B2B environment and this has caused a significant change in the app marketing, driving promotions through the various devices and venues. Majority of the smart mobility measures will be converting into newer mobile services.  60 % of organizations are adjusting their business for securing mobile app resources.

Ruling Initiatives With Mobile Applications

The mobile endpoints will bring about stability for diverse infrastructure. So, see the advent of an altogether new way of mobile app marketing, entirely based on the nature of apps and the varied platforms.  

Security and Risk Awareness

The mobile app marketing strategy and the corresponding system must be a closed system, otherwise it poses problem for the information of the enterprise. The mobile applications must be strong and secure, as security is never compromisable.

Proliferation of Mobile Connected Smart Objects

The mobile apps are integrated with various objects, so as to enhance the features. The gadgets are empowered with diagnostic tools, sensor-driven actions and remote control features. Smart and innovative marketing approach is needed for the growth in the smart objects.

The ROI-driven applications is focussed by the enterprises backed up with the cloud-powered databases and mobile centric analysis, thereby managing the volumes of data with better efficiency.

Better Mobile UX Design

The customers and the employee needs a unique mobile application as it becomes difficult to develop better mobile apps with the limitations of budget and time. Effective app marketing will deliver on the effective strategies for addressing the difficulty.

More Mobile Investment

The skyrocketing mobile investment reaches a new high and an IT investment priority is wanted for seeking to enhance outreach programs, hiking productivity, putting the competition behind.

Bigger Data for More Marketing Opportunities

Accurate levels of business intelligence and data processing will result in differentiation of the enterprises, so as to offer innovative results. The better organizations will not only invest in smart mobility, but also in Big Data Trends.

Wearable Devices and Their Differentiating Power

The advent of the wearables and the IoT are witnessed particularly in the healthcare domain for the health assessment of users. There is an increasing usage of the wearables in the areas of smartwatches and fitness trackers and it is expected to see an increasing number of usage in the workplaces, in the future.

Mobile App Adoption With Analytics

The integration of mobile apps along with enterprise platform analytics will have the ability to gauge the sales and response of the apps.

We need to embrace the trends on enterprise mobility adoption for better things in store. There are renewals of the mobile app marketing strategies for a match with budget, technology, interest of the audiences and the budgets.


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