How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Mobile Apps

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Mobile Apps?

Why are Mobile apps for small businesses turning out to be the new normal?

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January 22nd, 2021
Twinkle Kalkandha
Twinkle Kalkandha
Product Strategist

Mobile Apps have transformed the way businesses are done. Be it for a large conglomerate or mobile apps for small businesses; they have made all business aspects smart. Mobile apps allow customers to connect with an enterprise anytime, anywhere, through a smart device. So, if you are a business without a business app, however big or small, you need to rethink your market and your presence within it.

COVID-19 has shaken up the world and brought in an economic meltdown all over. With several businesses closing down physical shops, now is the time to go ‘mobile’. It’s not just about the competition or industry trends anymore. It is a business requirement.

mobile apps for small businesses

The number of mobile apps existing and being developed are increasing by the day throughout industries. This is due to the fact that contrary to physical store trends, mobile apps have been witnessing a surge in usage. As a future envisioning business setup, however big or small, you thus require a fully functional mobile application that shall expand your business horizons and effectively attract users, viewers and sales.

In today’s scenario, a mobile app is one of the most essential parts of any business as it reaches the consumers in no time providing them with some exceptional benefits. The numbers say it all:

According to Statista, ‘The number of smartphone users worldwide was projected to amount to nearly 2.7 billion by 2019’

That means 45.15% of the world’s population owns a smartphone.

A common individual is known to spend approximately 3 hours of their day surfing them as well.

So, a mobile app for business owners is nowadays a no-brainer.

Before we go on to a detailed discussion on benefits of mobile apps for small businesses, let’s figure out the question you must ask yourself and from the team working with you.

Why Mobile Apps are Important for Your Business?

A smartphone is nowadays the most personal device that individuals have and value. Thus a mobile app business within this peripheria is obviously a good decision. Let us now analyze as to why it is one of the best futuristic decision nowadays for all business owners:

  • In a time when stores are locked up and sales are down, people have been downloading and visiting these pseudo-stores of the digital world. Infact, mobile viewership and sales have gone up.
  • The best aspect of mobile apps for small business, is that once it is downloaded by a customer, it tends to stay with him or her within their smart world. Thus, a mobile app is the best CRM tool available.
  • Moreover, a mobile app does not require separate infrastructure cost for acquiring land, leasing, staff for maintenance, etc. It can be made and maintained at a fraction of the cost by worthy small business app developers.
  • Apart from driving sales, benefits of mobile apps for small business includes one of the best marketing opportunities through popups, notifications, messages, content, etc.

As a business owner, you can no more think that,’’ should I or should I not build an app for my business? ‘’

You need to simply go head and look out for developers with the right mobile app developer skills to get that perfect mobile application out and running!!

How can an App Benefit Small Businesses?

Owing to the ever expanding mobile market size and requirements, there are various freelancers as well as mobile app development companies out there that can do your job well. But, you need to decide the one that would be the most suitable for your business. Below are the aspects you need to confirm before finalizing one:

Realising business goals

You need to be very clear about the reason why you need the application. Also, the goals and spaces that it requires to fulfill, should be very clear and well-specified. It will enable you to explain the idea (the functionality) to the developer easily. Your motive should well specify:

  • The goals of the application;
  • Functionalities required,
  • Technologies required,
  • Ideate the overall app development time,
  • Ideate and provide a realistic price quote

Before looking out for your mobile application developer, you would require definite answers to these questions.

P.S: You may want to include everything in your app but do not forget that including everything may make your app too tacky or heavy for the user and less effective towards its targets. Thus, choose your app inclusions wisely.

Analyze your users

It is important to have the idea of who your users are and how tech savvy they are. Having the information about your users makes it easy to include the elements that they wish to see in the mobile application.

Analyzing your user base shall also help you understand and collect data about the internet usage patterns of these viewers and later shall help in targeting them directly for marketing and app downloads. It would also give a clear idea as to how you should develop your mobile application ideas and how much are your tentative customers ready to spend on your products and services.

Always remember that, a sound market and audience research, is the first foundation stone of a successful mobile application development. It needs to be laid well!!

P.S:Your tentative buyers shall have a lot of mobile download options. Try to create an app, over and above the ‘normal’ industry offerings.

Choose a platform that suits your target customer outreach

Should you consider a cross-platform or native platform application? Do you require a simple application or a platform application? It is one of the most important questions that you must figure out prior to getting into the process of development of mobile app business.

The native programming language includes Java for Android and Swift for iOS . It is true that native platforms are more stable, but they also require more investment depending upon the fact that you need to develop a mobile app for business on each OS. Cross-platform apps are larger, reach a great amount of audience but after sacrificing some platform-specific functionalities.

These technology and platform related intricacies and details should be well discussed with small business mobile app developers, before getting into the development process itself. Your Mobile app developers would be the best people to consult about these requirements. They shall be easily able to guide you through your available options.

Helping to invest in the optimum strategy

This is obviously the most important question for a business owner.

A ‘good app’ gets downloaded by its intended users and drives sales and customer relations for an indefinite period of time. But, a good app also requires a good entrepreneur with a great idea, a good team of developers with the right expertise and of course, then comes ‘money’ to pay for all of this.

A great marketing strategy is a step ahead towards acquiring a great app monetization strategy. It is thus advisable to keep a marketing strategy and the content in advance, for cost division and checks.

Sorting your budget

This is one of the most important questions to keep in the mind while designing the mobile app for business. So, decide your budget well in advance as that is the first thing that will help you to hire the resources accordingly. Hire cost-effective mobile app developers who should be able to deliver optimum services within your budget requirements.

app for small business

P.S: Big or Small business mobile app is a long term digital asset that shall drive your sales, Customer relationships as well as marketing. Thus, hire mobile app developers who are also well suited with your app requirements and not just suited to your financial requirements. You may end up with an ineffective app and seem as ‘Penny wise Pound Foolish’.

Think before you take this leap of faith.

Mobile App Development Inclusions That Shall Help Your Business

Now that you are done with the basic research, here are the parameters that your mobile function should be well functional on:

App marketing and App Store Optimization

Building a brand and then maintaining the brand image is probably one of the toughest challenges for businesses the world over. Mobile apps with their high user time, have proven themselves as one of the most effective mobile app marketing services providers.

Your mobile application should be able to boost your company’s presence in the market. A good mobile application with it’s constant presence in the customers’ lives would help them identify your services amongst others, and garner brand loyalty. Smartphones are nowadays the key to every individual’s digital life and a successfully made mobile app for small businesses is like a gem in their closet, that shall easily connect your intended customers back to your products and services.

mobile app marketing plan

Offering your services online would offer you a platform to expand on the products you have to offer, even if the customers are offline. It is more like your brochure and catalogue always available on phone with them. Moreover, when a brand follows app store optimization strategies, they also tend to become more searchable on the web and feature higher on the Google rankings. With a mobile app, a brand can benefit by remaining on top of technology and trends arriving in the market and grabbing customer attention.

P.S: Try creating an app that enables a rich user experience with explicit keywords and app store optimization, to stay viable and prominent in your industry vertical. Keep improving it further with varied content and offerings.

Big Data in the Business

A mobile App is the best source of customer information. An app allows its owner to collect user’s information on their requirements, profile and choices made. In a technology era, where ‘data is the king’, this in itself is a very powerful tool to utilize for understanding user requirements, further market promotions and growth.


benefits of mobile apps for small business

An app for small business also gives you information about the user’s likings, choices, and the preferences they make while choosing the services with the help of other mobile apps. In terms of making a marketing campaign better suited to the needs of a particular customer, this kind of information could do wonders.

P.S: If ‘customization’ is the future of business, this data is the platform on which this future has to be based.

Believe it, Content Drives Sales

The most powerful aspect of a mobile application is its ‘content’. Be it the text, the images or the videos, it is the content that shall keep your audience engaged and ensure that they do not ‘abandon’ the app. They, with the keywords form the most important aspect of a user interface and user experience.

Providing useful content to the clients is the most useful tool to foster their loyalty towards your brand and business. Client’s loyalty in any business means recurring sales and thus a much higher return on investments (ROI).

Having a business application not only means a channel that would deliver goods to the client, but also some great news to them. Jot down the content offerings you can make, depending upon the niche you are offering the services into. For maximum effectivity of a mobile app as a marketing tool, ensure your content includes:

  • Clear perspective as per the type of the campaign you are planning to have.
  • Try using easily understandable language for content.
  • Content should be straightforward and unambiguous.
  • Include images, infographics, GIFs, and even videos to make things interesting for the viewer.
  • A good blog post also helps garnering viewer time. This interactive information and effort may create a huge impact overtime.

P.S.: Including too many functionalities is a common UI/UX mistake that tends to make an app unattractive for the user. Try and avoid such mistakes.

Your mobile application should be an extension of your already existing market presence, be it physical or digital. Make sure to invest in development of a mobile application that would complement the existing business, brand and its offerings perfectly. Ensure that your mobile app developer understands that the look and feel of your brand and especially the interface should be in line with them.

Be Different in Your Services

The digital market is global in nature. Your competition to enter this market is not just the local store or the local market or the state markets. Digital market caters to businesses and industries the world over and your competition in this market shall thus, be global. In fact, there are thousands of app entering and exiting app stores at any given time. Your app needs to carve your space in this dynamic market scenario. It thus needs to be powerfully innovative and engaging for the user .

mobile app development for small business

The viewers, herein are known to most commonly known to choose apps that have an interactive interface and help them browse through easily. Of course, your competitors will emphasize on the same outcome but you could then include creativity and better technology to be different from others. Clients are more receptive to brands that provide customizations to their details. Likewise, they won’t hesitate to make the connection to service providers who may offer a richer browsing experience.

P.S: Try implementing new ideas in your mobile app. Develop it as a dynamic content space. For instance, you could make communication with apps easier through technology products like AI-backed chatbots, etc. The more client-centric your app, the better it is.

Add the goodness of social platforms in your mobile app development

In these social media times, you are nowhere if you do not feature in customer’s feeds and digital communications. The COVID situation has suddenly doubled the time spent by people on social media platforms. Most of the people log in to social media sites just to see what their friends are saying. These platforms are thus, one of the most powerful tools for marketing, direct sales as well as brand profiling with reviews and feedback.

mobile apps for small business owners

More than half of the world population now uses social media apps and on average spend more than 2 hours in a day on these apps. By providing links for the various social media platforms in your mobile application development service, you could attract more and more users towards your platform. Social media apps are the new trend users swear by and this fact could easily benefit your business by a simple integration of social media platforms in your application.

As per a business today report, there has been a record 87% spike in social media usage amid lockdown. An average Indian during this time has been spending over 4 hours on Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

Need we say more? Social Media helps attract viewer attention at the time of launch, to promote downloads and to market brands as a whole. You would require social media to spread a word around in terms of all marketing and promotion strategies. Thus, Social Media is the new SOCIAL STRATEGICAL NORM, you obviously cannot afford to miss.

The Bottom Line

A mobile app is the new face of businesses these days. The measures listed above are just a few reasons why you should be including them in your digital portfolio. The convenience for customers to get your product or service at home is another reason for including such services for your business. Mobile apps can be built at a fraction of the cost of a physical store that includes land, construction, maintenance, staff, etc. and thus, is an optimum choice for small businesses and startups. The app promotes direct sales, even when you sleep. It is a 24X7 salesperson working for you directly with the customer. Now, you obviously cannot afford to not employ one!!

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