SkyGuru: A Beneficial App to deal with flying phobia

SkyGuru: A Beneficial App to deal with flying phobia

October 24, 2016 by Appdexa

There are many passengers who are having flying phobia and according to report, more than 30 percent of people fear flying and approximately 10 to 15 percent of people face the problem of anxiety or sometimes psychological discomfort as well.

For such people, there are many different approaches to treating anxiety that are associated with flying phobia such as guided breathing, distraction and virtual reality. However, those who like to stay aware and a lot informed during flight, a new app could do wonders. Taktik Labs has come up with SkyGuru. This mobile app works with the motive to help passengers in dealing with flight anxiety. Through a strong partnership between Taktik Labs and Alex Gervash who is a professional pilot and a founder of research and treatment centre for people suffering from flying phobia, this app is making a revolutionary change in the market.

It aims to calm all nervous passengers by acting like a pilot that takes place next to the user and clearly tells what is happening during the flight and what can be expected next. Taktik Labs feels immense pleasure in providing the first app that effectively merges mobile technology as well as aviation data in order to analyse and make strong predictions on flight processes. It plays a vital role in guiding passengers through the more anxiety-provoking moments in reality.  flying phobia

The app follows two effective approaches to help people cope with the problem of anxiety. Firstly, it fills in the blanks for passengers regarding the particular scenario, which takes place during their flight. Secondly, it provides comforting words as well as moral support especially at the time when the flight crew is occupied either at takeoff, turbulence or landing. Furthermore, it keeps you updated of the weather and explains how the changes outside might affect the aircraft. This way it prepares you for any kind of upcoming turbulence. In its initial stages, it targeted the markets of Europe, Israel and North America.

The app has been built on algorithms that constantly analyse data on the circumstances that are related with flight circumstances and also create forecasts with the help of mathematical models. In order to bring the most accurate forecasts, Skyguru uses a huge amount of information from previous flight and update all the weather predictions with the help of professional aviation data. As per experts, the best thing about this app is that it operates in airplane mode in-flight and confirms the forecasts via your phone’s sensors: microphone, gyroscope, compass, barometer as well as accelerometer. This app has been tested on more than 300 test flights. There is no exaggeration in saying that the app is a fantastic idea for all those who have flight phobia. Due to this amazing app, passengers feel better as it gives them the feeling of being cared for and some degree of control also. It is definitely a very cool app that defines effective ways to deal with the fear of flying.


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