Rules to be Followed by App Store Optimization

Rules to be Followed by App Store Optimization

November 15, 2016 by Appdexa

The mobility space is bursting with opportunities and it is only App Store Optimization (ASO)  that is useful in bringing out the differences between the success and failure of the apps, in this awfully crowded marketplace. The best part about ASO is that it does not incur any cost. Optimization is the most critical factor that ensures the successful launching of a mobile app. It is always better not to have an useful mobile app that is the result of hours of dedicated efforts and time, not able to achieve success, just due to lack of optimization. We see a horde of apps submitted to the app store, every day, but not all have the ability to be successful. In fact, it is all about boosting the success of your mobile app, with a good ASO in place. The right type of App Store Optimization strategy is no longer just an option, but is a basic requirement.

App Store Optimization is for an enhanced visibility of your app in the different stores. Following are some of rules for a successful ASO:

Monitoring the Competitors

Conducting a competition analysis helps in the App Store Optimization, digging deep into the competitor data. This ensures higher traffic and more downloads. Knowledge on the target audience for the competitor app is itself a vital piece of information. There are tracking tools that provide information on the competitors. The competitor apps are extremely useful in finding the positive features of the app, creating innovative apps for the stores.

App Store Algorithms

There are different algorithms for search results for different platforms on which the app is launched. A thorough knowledge on the algorithm makes it easier to optimize the app, in the best possible way. Titles and metadata are used by Apple’s store, but Google Play Store incorporates the keywords in the long and short description of the app.

Managing the Keywords

App Store Optimization is equivalent to Search Engine Optimization for apps. The driving force behind the ASO are the keywords. The keywords must be absolutely clear and must be directed to the target audiences and the features. Finding the best keywords is quite difficult, as there is a limitation of certain amount of characters by each of the stores. Limited options for the keywords will let the savvy competitors to snatch this opportunity of a gap in the ASO strategy.

Title, Icon and Screenshot Must Be Apt

The title is the first thing encountered by the user. The title must be clear and precise and express exactly the purpose served by the app. Other advantage for beating the competition is in the use of screenshots and icons. The icon must be attractive and stand apart from others. The transformation rate is increased with the help of descriptive and favorable screenshots. In this regards there is complete revolution with Apple’s iTunes where the app descriptions are pushed to the background by the app screenshots.

Localization of Apps

Translation is a major aspect in localization of the mobile apps. The app must be unique and stand out among the competition with a good design. The app that is localized will always draw more users.

It is always the first impression that matters more than any other factor for drawing the customers. You just have a few moments for demanding the customer attention, before they download the app. The language of the app must be simple and not complex.


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