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The Role of Mobile Apps in Imparting M-commerce Benefits

September 21, 2017 by Janet Scott

Mobile apps are playing an important role to help generate business for mobile app development companies. In order to reach to their clients easily every single business is investing in an app. Outreaching to audience has become easy through applications. Additionally, a number of apps have been developed in order to leverage the benefits of m-commerce and e-commerce to the clients.


Be it Amazon, Etsy, AliExpress or eBay, each of these applications are helping app development companies to take their clients on board to extend the scope of their business. While e-commerce is the best way for retailers to market their brand; m-commerce has got the equal potential to add impressive numbers of clients to any business.


Statistics show that 66% of the global population owns a smartphone. People spend their 90 percent time on apps and only 10% on the internet. This implies, there is a huge opportunity for mobile app development companies to get the business through an app that showcases their services.

Brief on the Advantage M-commerce Offers to Your Business

M-commerce, as a technique has made its arrival just a few years back. The technique has already proved its worth in the mobile app development industry and here is a glimpse of the benefits it fetches to Android app development companies:

# Quick Purchase

M-commerce revenue is rising at a rate of 30-40% since 2014. The worth is expected to raise to $150 billion by the end of 2017. That’s a huge amount for any mobile app development company to get their profit share from. Intuitive mobile app browsing experience drives in sales for the business and Amazon offers a perfect example for the same.

Purchase in App

Shopping through smartphones is handy for customers. All they need to do is to tap on a few tabs to get the shopping done. Such a shopping experience is easy, effective and effortless for the users.

# Connecting Directly to the Customers

Connecting directly to the clients through push notifications is easy and it is absolutely not easy for websites. Of course, emails are there for businesses’ rescue but it is not as handy as push notifications. Push notifications are instant and entice users towards the business easily.

mobile customers

Notification alerts are proved to add nearly 50% sales for a business. Majority of users also believe offers and rewards from a business make them loyal to the brand. Alerts on discount, any product or services initiates personal engagement.

# Better Insight to Customer Data

Knowing the customers brings prosperity to the business. Mobile app development companies that are leveraging m-commerce benefit to the users analyze their data in order to offer products as per their preferences. Knowing customer’s personal data such as age, sex, location as well as purchase history helps business offer preferred searches to the users.

An insight into customer’s data is a way for mobile app development companies to dig deeper into clients’ preferences and offer them suggestions as per their likes. The technique has been proved to offer expected results to the companies in the m-commerce business.

# Tailored Content

Based purely on individual’s shopping preferences businesses can use m-commerce benefits to deliver personalized content to the customers. Mobile app development companies can browse through user’s liking on social media profiles, item searched and their particular interest to offer them required services.

Mobile Commerce Update

Tailored content has been proved to entice users towards the services in order to appeal them to hire mobile app development company’s services. When a user sees something that offers value, they are sure to try it at least once.

# Productive Technique To Down On Marketing Efforts

Mobile apps are a way to app development companies to be productive while offering the services. When users browse through a mobile app, they are technically spreading word of mouth for that particular brand. And, the whole practice helps companies in m-commerce business to gain more and more clients for their business.

Besides, doing the word of mouth marketing for brands, maintaining mobile apps is cheaper as compared to a web store. Reduced maintenance helps mobile app development companies to save the budget for other expenses.

# Social Media Sharing

Mobile apps encourage audiences to share their shopping stuff easily with the whole world. It has become a trend for new generation to share their buying, which becomes easy when shopping through handy mobile devices. Additionally, sharing the content becomes a breeze this way.

A website is good but mobile apps are tailored to extend the personalized experience for the users. In comparison to websites, the users can easily shop through their smartphones at any point of time.

A Look on The Must-Haves of Mobile Apps

All the top ranked mobile apps have something in common. Be it Amazon or Walmart, the basic features in these apps are very similar to one another. Here is a table that showcases the similarities.

Key Features For Any Shopping App

 Features for shopping app

A Look At The Latest Trends in Mobile Commerce

The domain of m-commerce is continually growing for the users. It is expanding like never before with the help of the following techniques:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Chatbots
  • Integrated Payment Options
  • Voice/ Predictive Search
  • Video Content
  • Mobile Image Recognition
  • Near Field Communication Enabled Payment

Key TakeAway

More than 1 billion people use smartphones every day. And mobile shopping is trending like never before. The trend of m-commerce has offered additional easy to the users to shop through their smartphones. The number of e-commerce, as well as m-commerce apps, is also growing to help mobile app development companies grow their profits in the similar ratio.


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