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Rimmel Unveils Augmented Reality App

July 13, 2016 by Eric Miller

Rimmel, the cosmetics brand, from the house of Coty Inc. recently launched an augmented reality app by the name of “Get the look”. Being an augmented reality app, it was developed with user centric approach in context. 3D augmented reality technology is a patent pending technology developed by Holition and is smart enough to extract information from real world entities. Be it the makeup upon an image reference, or the makeover expert printed right in the fashion magazine, this app gets hold of each and every detail. After capturing the information of the entity, you can run a match with the available Rimmel products and purchase them online or from a store ad per your convenience.

augmented reality

The Augmented Reality

Augmentation isn’t a newbie technology in the industry. It has been there since the score projections on the live cricket broadcasts. Conventionally, augmentation was feasible in real time and replaced the real world with a simulated one. With rapid advancements in AR technology, information can be extracted from the real world, and altered to a digitally manipulative form. A multitude of apps in different segments is implicating usage of this technology to elevate their customer centric build-up. However, utilizing the technology to find the best makeup for different faces.

Diversified Usage

This application works well for all face shapes and structures. No matter what be the skin texture, it can extract facial features both from a physical or digital image. “Get the look” application will assuredly garner Rimmel an edge over its contenders in the industry. With the succor of this app, a user can scan the image of a competitor makeup showdown from a magazine, identify the products, and offer the user with the list of products entailed in the advertisement. Hence, the cumbersome searching of products would be minimized offering Rimmel an edge over its contenders.


Termed as “the Shazam of Beauty” by Montse Passolas, the VP of Global marketing for Rimmel London, this app seems true to every apprehension and speculation built around it. According to Passolas, this application is not built to boost sales with the assistance of AR technology; rather, it aims to drive its clientele towards effective brand recognition through an exemplary digital experience. The clientele group for Rimmel London is the ‘Generation Z’ i.e., the age group of 15 to 25-year-olds, and if studies are to be believed, this group of consumers is unaffected by the brand names. Rather, their peers, colleagues, bloggers and favorite models are their source of inspiration for experimentation with their style and looks.

The Benefactor for online Stores

The most significant hurdle to shopping for beauty products online is the trial of products, which obviously, is not feasible for online stores. For a product to ring in sales, the basic prerequisite is inculcating the necessity of it for the client, and Rimmel seems to hit the bull’s eye with this venture. The application has an in-built feature to direct the customers to online Rimmel makeup resellers, to make purchases. Additionally, users can capture screenshots of the recommended products and buy their façade from the nearest store. Innovation took over the makeup industry a long ago, but this step is a revolution for all the adherents of the industry.


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