Restaurant Mobile App Helping to Cut Food Wastage in UK

Restaurant Mobile App Helping to Cut Food Wastage in UK

November 2, 2016 by Appdexa

It is indeed important for your restaurant business to build up a strong mobile presence. Starbucks, which is supposed to be trendsetter in the food and beverage industry, as per a report conducts 16 % of their monetary transactions through just the mobile apps. However, it is not easy to merely sign up with a mobile app development company, without any basis of publishing facts. It is for you only to decide whether your business is worthy of an investment on the mobile apps.

There are thousands of mobile apps that are developed on the basis of continuous research. It is not always true that the most researched topic enables to build the winning app. There are many unique and innovative ideas that are getting developed into apps such as affordable shopping apps, photo editing apps or apps that help restaurants to cut wastage of food.

Too Good to Go is a smart response to the tonnes food that gets wasted by the UK restaurants. It is going to change the entire mindset on handling the wastage of food by these restaurants. UK happens to be the biggest waster of food in the whole of Europe. Food wastage causes 12.5 billion pounds annually and whole lot of negative environmental impacts. So, we see that there are people who goes hungry on one side and on the other side of the band is a tremendous wastage of food.

The users of the Android and iOS based apps have the option of selecting the food, in the closing hours of when the restaurant closes, just after lunch or dinner, through this restaurant app. The users might not have a choice of precise menu, but intends to offer a rough picture of what is available. The payment is accepted through the mobile app. The food is served in a biodegradable sugarcane box, at a particular time. The concept is more like get-what-you-are-given, so there is no chance of offering usual dishes at lower prices.

The obvious advantage of the restaurant mobile apps lies in the fact that the restaurants are able to reduce the wastage of food and the cost associated for the same. In fact, they are able to get additional customer base, who in turn are satisfied with a hearty meal.

There were many restaurants who signed up for the project, even though the people were skeptical, at the beginning. Too Good to Go is originally a Danish concept. Wilson and Crummie simply got attracted to the whole idea and implemented it in the form a mobile app. Denmark might be an easier market to handle the epidemic of food wastage, but they were doubtful on whether this important issue can be handled properly in UK. The profits earned are solely not utilized, for earning big profits, on the other hand the funds are diverted back to the reinvestment in the project.  

The biggest opposition was from the restaurant themselves who expected that there will be a reduction in their regular customer base.

The venture on restaurant apps is trying hard to include the bigger players in the restaurant businesses and wants a positive effect in order to make an attempt to eradicate the issue of food wastage. The primary objective of developing this restaurant app is to educate and inform the general public, about the burning issue on food wastage.

The war that is waged not only the restaurants, but salad bars, bakeries and juice bars also took part in this revolutionary concept.