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Reliance Games & Amblin Partners Launch The BFG Game

July 5, 2016 by Mike Davis

Reliance Games has teamed up with Amblin Partners to launch ‘The BFG Game’, which is based on the legendary movie director Steven Spielberg’s American fantasy adventure film that recently released on 1st July 2016.

In this game, the players join Sophie and BFG in a journey filled with an adventure through fabulous places like London, Dream Country and much more. It also involves mixing the dream jars in an exciting match-3 puzzle. This game will be available to any Android or iOS user and can be played on any device, be it iPhone or iPod or Smartphone or Tablet.

The Big Friendly Giant (BFG) and Sophie are on an adventurous voyage where they have to catch dreams in magical places like ‘Dream World’ and ‘Giant’s World’. The players start their journey from an orphanage and then travel through the London streets, Giant’s country, Copenhagen streets and more.The players are asked to complete different objectives at different levels before the timer reaches 0. For instance, they may be asked to earn a required number of points, or they may be asked to clear wooden tiles from the board by creating matches above them. AS they create matches for four or more symbols or matches in shapes like T, L or square, a special power-up symbol is received which can later be used to trigger special effects. When activated, some power-ups clear rows, some clear columns, some clear symbols of a specific color and so on. It also features boosts like Snozzcumber and Frobscottle.maxresdefault (1)

The players get Bonus points for collecting puzzle pieces in the dream jar matching journey. More than 100+ levels can be played and you can even invite your friends to share lives and gifts. If the user is not able to finish a particular objective, he/she can receive help to finish the objective by purchasing and activation special booster items during that particular stage. For instance, the ‘net booster’ can be used to clear one chosen symbol from the board. If the user fails to complete the level before the time runs out or they run out of moves, they will lose a life. The lives will automatically recharge over time. For players who can’t wait for their lives to get recharged, they can purchase lives instantly by using premium currency. They can even ask their Facebook friends to send them free lives.

Amblin’s Co-CEO stated that the collaboration with Reliance games has helped create the BFG games which bring the exploits of little girl’s life and the Giant. The BFG game has no age limit; it is for people of all ages and is brimming with surprises, fantasy art, and 3D animation.

Reliance Games is an extension of Reliance Entertainment Group. It develops and publishes mobile games. In the past, they have released blockbuster games like Real Steel World Robot Boxing, Real Steel and a lot more mobile games in partnership with established Hollywood Big Guns like Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, and Paramount Pictures.


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