Ways to Raise Capital For Your Mobile App Development Startup Business

The How of Raising Capital for Your Start-up Explained

June 29, 2017 by Janet Scott

Are you among those people who have got a great app development idea but lacking on the funds and the development strategy? May be you came across a platform like us and decided to hire the services of one of the companies listed at our platform “Appdexa”. You browse through a particular company’s profile, liked their services and the prices, and then decided to make them your mobile app partner.


But wait, you are lacking on the funds and your app has still not earned you a dime. How will you pay for the services that you have gained through our assistance? This is a general conundrum for a number of startups. Fortunately, a number of organizations have gone through the same earlier and all thanks to them to helping us show that roadmap, which they followed to get success. Before that, let’s find out,


Why Apps Fail to Get Funding?

Poor execution is one of the factors as a result of which most of the apps fail to get the funding. So, the idea lies in executing your app idea properly in order to generate revenue. And when it is about generating the profits in the form of funds, I can show you the sure-shot success formula.


Here We Go!

Nail The Sales Pitch

So, you have approached investors from your end and now waiting for their approval. Have you ever considered that you are not alone to approach that particular investor. Thousands of others have also knocked their door. So, to snatch the deal from those competitors, focus on honing the sales pitch even before you contact the investor. Let your app presentation do the talking for you and you are sure to generate the profits from the same.


Take Part in App Contest

You can make money for the successful launch of your application by participating in app contest. Such contests are held globally where the best idea wins the contest and the amount is given to support the mobile app development. Angel funs and business incubators generally organize such kind of app contest. The idea is to support developers for building unique applications.


Why Not Consider Funds From Bank Loan?

Mobile App Funding

Startups can easily get the loans from banks and other financial institutions. However, it is not easy for startups to get the loan. And, thus the idea lies in presenting a concrete mobile app development plan to the banks. Share your market research, budget, revenue plans with the bank to let it raise funds for you.


Venture Capitalist & Angel Investors

Depending upon the risk/return ratio, venture capitalist would agree to invest money on your application. Therefore, it is important to convince the investors on the effectivity of your app. If you successfully make them believe in your app idea, your application can easily make the money.


In the Conclusion

Making funds for your mobile app development depends much on the concept of your application. In case, it is a concept that has not been utilized yet, investors are sure to offer money for the same. Thus, the key to let the money flow easily, is to develop a concentrate mobile app development idea.


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