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5 Tips To Promote Your Mobile App Development Business Through Social Media

June 28, 2017 by Eric Miller

What goes into the successful promotion of mobile applications? Why it is that only a few companies are able to register the success while others fails in the same effort? And why the success methods are not known to every mobile app promotion company? In case these questions frequently haunt your mind, let us be your guiding angel towards the successful mobile app marketing approach.


It is not a rocket science to promote your newly developed application. All it requires is having the knowledge on how to promote your business. The market is already filled with a number of user-centric mobile applications having their own appeal. And, to rise above them all, you need to take a different approach. When I say approach, it includes all from mobile app development to the designing and to the app marketing also.

Some Tips To Promote Your Mobile App Development Business :

Tip # 1 Invest In Building A Website For Your Application

Websites showcase the value proposition of apps in detail, which is not possible through the application. Websites are the best way to connect to the clients, engage them to the business, and convince them to download the mobile product. Generating leads is again easy when you have a website for the promotion of the mobile application.


There is no better way to app marketing towards influencers than promoting your application through websites. When influencers like your app, they can directly visit the official websites and can also direct their followers to the same. The gaming app “Angry Bird” provides the best example of influencing the users towards the app through websites.


Tip # 2 Create Landing Page for Your Website

The conversion matters for the success of the application. Landing pages are the best to influence people and get those much needed conversion from them. Landing pages act influentially to build the audience for your application even prior to the launch of the same.

app landing page

Simply, these pages are the teaser of your apps having the capacity of influencing users by showcasing the capacity of your application gradually to built the market prior to the official launch of the application.


Tip # 3 Include The Goodness of SEO

After you have your website and the landing page, it is now time for you to invest some time and efforts in search engine optimization or SEO. The page ranking absolutely matters so that users could easily find your website in the search feed. The best SEO practices could bring the much needed organic traffic to your website.


A well-developed SEO strategy could be key to sustain successfully in this ever-competitive search engine optimization world. Research relevant keywords for your application. Google’s keyword planner is one of the efficient tools to utilize for this purpose.


Tip # 4 Let The Media Cover Your App

Your targeted audience are of course the people who would like to browse through your application. In addition, the secondary line of the audience could possibly be the influencers. You can also target upon some journalists who will be covering your application upon the press release.

Industry stat

You could fetch the media interest through a well-written blog, app review sites or from those websites where app reviews are published. Promotion is the best technique to fetch new users for the app.


Tip # 5 Investing in Facebook Marketing and on Other Social Media Channel

Facebook receives significant amount of traffic through the users all across the globe. Why not take advantage of redirecting that traffic to your website through social media campaigning? Add on to this, your website will not only receive the traffic from users only but also there are quite fairer chance of being viewed by advertisers.

Social media strategy

Through its analytics data, Facebook keeps tracking your app install and the sales, which is easily accessable to you. It gives a clear idea on how to take the sales graph further.


The Closing Remarks

These actionable methods have been tried and tested a number of times. So, it is worth to invest your time and efforts to consider all the above-illustrated methods of mobile app promotion. Your business is sure to garner improved results even if you consider a few of them.


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