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Fishers Police – New Mobile App to Fight Crime in the City

June 9, 2016 by Mike Davis

Fishers Crime-watch, the app released by the Fishers Police Department after a year the idea was put into action, can be downloaded by the residents on to their mobile phones whether they are Android or Apple. Fishers is one of the 120 cities in the state of Indiana with the 6th highest population which is 83,891 as of the latest census. This makes the city’s crime rate admirable as its ranked 7th in the state for the lowest crime rate. Violent crime rate in Fishers is 0.19 per 1000 and property crime rate is 9.9 per 1000, which is 70 percent lower than the national average. Fisher is safer than 88% of the cities in the United States. This new app released by the Fishers police will help reduce it further still.

Features of The Application:-

  • -Residents can report any strange event that looks out of the ordinary by marking the location on the app or sending a picture.
  • -It helps in establishing a connection between the police and the residents in a convenient way.
  • -An officer in the vicinity will receive a notification once a report on the app has been made.
  • -Homeowners associations can also use the app.
  • -30 officers have been trained to use the app so far.

Advantages of the Application:-

  • -Residents uncomfortable or hesitant to call 911 for anything strange that they say will now have a convenient way of reporting their suspicions.
  • -Location marking allows the police to reach a place faster as compared to the time taken in listing the location on a 911 call.
  • -The photos sent through the app can be used as evidence if the suspicion is indeed on the money.

Fishers police

The app has been designed by Auri Rahimzadeh, part of a non-profit group called Eleven Fifty Academy that teaches coding. Rahimzadeh has donated the app to the police department for no charge. Sergeant Tom Wager said that around 1000 residents of the city had downloaded the app already and the numbers are increasing. He said that any suspicious activity like a strange person, car or anything out of the ordinary can be reported on the app. Fisher’s policy has also decided to take the initiative to host an open house to train its residents in using the app. The open house will also allow residents to interact with the officers of the Fishers Police Department who are to respond to their reports made on the Fishers Crimewatch. Fishers Mayor, Scott Fadness said the application is a proud example of the Fishers police motivation and leadership to service its community.

Fishers is not the only local body which has taken this initiative. The police department of Indianapolis has tested an application of similar design within 6 districts under its authority. They have partnered with Nextdoor which is an application that allows neighbours to interact with each other.