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Planning to Build the Best Chat-bot? Consider These Platforms

September 14, 2017 by Mike Davis

Chatbots have their names in the list of the best innovations that are developed by mobile app development companies lately. To put it simply, Chatbots are software designed to perform specific task of stimulating chat with the users. Such chats are all about satisfying the clients’ questions about a service offered by a particular mobile app development company.

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Modern Chatbots have been infused with the elements of machine learning that help them understand clients’ queries in a better manner. Global brands have already started capitalizing on this exceptional techniques. In case, you are also planning to invest in the services of chatbot development companies, you must consider investing in the following platforms.

The list includes Chatbots that are available for free with Chatbot Development Companies

Every business wishes to be ahead of the competition. And the key to remain at the top position is, of course, choosing the best Chatbot app development company. Additionally, businesses need to invest in the best technology available in the market. Here comes the list to consider:

Build Chatbots


Api.ai is unique in a number of ways. It offers an authenticated platform to develop the bots. With Api.ai, chatbot mobile app developers have the opportunity to develop brand centric apps that allow the integration with exceptional platforms like Facebook, Slack, Alexa etc. Api.ai enables one-click integration with chatbot software that makes it much easier to kick start the chatbot development process.

Api.ai is available free for the developers


It is a Facebook chatbot platform that developers can use for integrating different Chatbots in a single system. The tool has smart AI configuration that helps the bots pick up new words and queries in order to offer the most suitable suggestions to the users. The most exceptional feature of Botsify is, it allows human interaction at any point of time. In case, the bots are failing to offer a proper response, developers can intervene in between to feed in the related information to help the bots response properly to a similar query.

Botsify is available in free and paid subscription


Chatfuel is not only for the developers but also for the techies who are interested in developing their own bots on Facebook messenger. Those users having no idea of coding can also use Chatfuel. There are tons of features for the developers on Chatfuel. They can add content cards to share with the followers automatically. The software also makes it easy to share the information inside messenger chat.

Chatfuel is available free for the developers


ChattyPeople is meant for those chatbot development companies who are looking to develop functional AI bots on Facebook. The software can be handled by those who are not much versed in coding skills, it is easy to create and helps mobile app development companies to offer 24*7 customer support to their clients.

ChattyPeople is available free for the developers

Signing Off

Chatbot development companies are increasing in number every day making it easy for an average mobile app development company’s client to get the specific services. While there are a number of paid and free software available for mobile app development companies, they can consider deploying any of the above-listed ones to offer exceptional services to their clients.


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