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Top Reasons to Outsource Mobile App Development

December 15, 2016 by Appdexa

The impetus behind the growing trend of hiring mobile app development services is of course the booming trend of “mobile first” approach. Every business irrespective of its size and the kind of trade it does invests a handsome sum of money in launching its official mobile application. A recent survey has stated that a person nearly spends 30 minutes of his/her day time in browsing through the apps only. This is a compelling reason for companies to invest in business related app development. While initially the emphasis was given majorly to gaming app development, today the focus has shifted to launching an app that showcases the feeds related to the trade, offers a chance to users to shop products online and browse through an extensive category of services provided by the business.

A business related mobile app offers a significant opportunity to the company to connect to the audience. For this sole reason, companies are accepting this trend as its growth strategy. Mobile applications aid in boosting the online brand presence. And, a number of businesses have already ventured into this sure-shot success attaining formula.

While there is a great buzz about having an in-house developers team for mobile app development vs outsourcing the services, we have digged deep to showcase the advantages of the latter in this write-up. The in-house development team will initiate the work from the scratch while outsourcing the work is a way to get specialized services for the app development.

Reasons for outsourcing the Mobile App Development Services:

An Economical Affair

The finances are the most important aspect of developing any of the applications. Companies are keen to find a solution that could fulfill their desire of app development services at a much lower cost. The estimation of app development cost ranges nearly from $150,000 to $450,000. Almost the half of the total cost is invested in the infrastructure and app feature building. However, when outsourcing the work to the experts, the cost is reduced to $10,000-$80,000 depending upon the specific hourly charges of the developers.   

Expert Assistance

Outsourcing your mobile app development requirement will help to get expert assistance that is of course the best return on your investment. The developers who provide outsourcing services are the subject matter experts. These professionals also possess the knowledge about the industry and the trends that are currently in the use. The major advantage associated with outsourcing the mobile app development work is that you can either outsource a part of app development process or the entire job to the developers. As these dynamic professionals remain up to date with the current industry trends, they are sure to put forward the best services for their clients.

Mobile-First Advantage

A number of businesses have ventured into the market with the mobile-only approach, meaning that all the business engagements will be done through mobile and then extended to other media, unlike the larger companies that do the reverse. The above-quoted example suits the best to the cab operating companies such ola and Uber. both these firms have chosen their mobile apps to connect to the users, to market their brand and to boost the promotional strategies for the growth and the development of their business.   

A way for Resource Management

Apart from getting services at a much lower cost, outsourcing the app development requirement helps companies manage and devote some extra time on other marketing strategies. When you have outsourced the major part of app development work to outer resources, you have enough time to spend on other marketing strategy. This will help you add more value to your app development campaign, which is going to offer extensive benefits after the launch of the application.  

The burgeoning mobile app development outsourcing strategy seems to be a promising one. It has got immense potential for helping companies get specific services at reasonable rates. With the app development being the key in today’s digital world, outsourcing mobile app development holds immense importance for letting your brand outshine like never before. Investing in mobile-first approach can help in enjoying the most prominent benefits of app-focused strategy.


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