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Optimal App Engagement Method Among B2B, B2C & B2E

May 24, 2017 by Janet Scott

App engagement is the most important concern for mobile app developers, no matter if they are concerned for B2B, B2C or B2E applications. B2B i.e. business to business, B2C i.e. business to clients or B2E i.e. business to employee are different kinds of app that serve to different types of audience. And, when it comes to mobility, every one of these apps play its own crucial role in their distinctive category.

As the domains of these mobile apps vary so are the functionalities and ways of targeting the users. At one hand, where business to business apps are created with exceptional functionality for the end users, business to customer apps focus majorly on the demands of the related customers. It focuses on how much beneficial can the app be in the long run for the users.

Business to employee mobile apps generally serve to the employees within the organization only to sell business services. A number of advertising activities are performed to educate the employees within an organization to get benefited with such apps. Besides the basic kind of differences that we have listed here. Here is an extended discussion on the same.

The Shared Experience

Building an app for shared experience will need the developer to create a number of functionalities. For example – developing an app for retail store will need a product catalog having all the required information. Including offers, promo and other news on discount as well. The same goes for the apps in business to employee and business to customer category.

The ultimate benefit with these apps directly goes to the customers, which is the common idea behind building all these applications. And, the benefit for the business with these applications is to get extended support from the clients. As apps reach easily to users at every corner, it gets easy to advertise the effectivity of your business to an extended number of audience.

The App Engagement Strategy

It would go unfair to declare any one of the business to business i.e. B2B, business to customers i.e. B2C and business to employees i.e. B2E apps the most superior when it comes to app engagement. Each of these apps serve a different kind of audience and with the similar reason, the prediction of any one of it cannot be predicted so easily.

When it comes to engaging the audience, B2C apps perform a bit better as they are prominently developed by keeping customers in the focus. With the strategies that are developed for clients only, it gets easy to engage them in the application. Hence, B2C apps have got all the potential to engage an extended number of clients in the business.

The Final Verdict

It is certainly the age of app development today, which is helping business to engage more and more clients. With a pre-defined strategy for the business, it gets easy to engage the clients easily. Hence, B2C apps can be used if you are also looking to enhance the customer engagement in your business application.


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