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OneDrive App Update For iOS Brings “Peek And “Pop” Support

May 20, 2016 by Mike Davis

There are a countless number of apps being increasingly developed by the app developers and are being used time and again by the end users. Mobile apps are being devised in such an interactive way that a countless number of users is allured to use it. Things have become so easy and also services have now become so accessible just with a single click of a button. Today almost all the business ventures and all small and big business units have their own personalized app whereby they can maintain as well as retain the count of their users.


  • 1 OneDrive is an app which is devised by Mac-OS. With the help of it, you can easily store your own personal files and can access them from your Mac system or by any other device you want such as I-phone -pad or any other android device.

  • 2 If you are working, then you can avail greater benefits like you can store your work files so that you can share and amalgamate them with other people at your workplace. The work related to OneDrive files becomes quite easy using the OneDrive app. Apart from this, you can share photos and images across the PC or android devices.

  • 3 You can work with your OneDrive files very easily even if you are offline and whatever changes you had made will sync automatically when you become online. You just need to choose the folders in your OneDrive which you want to sync. Other than this you can easily sync your business files too. If in case you are new to OneDrive, you can easily sign in with your email address and operate the same.

  • 4 The update addressed a new issue where users in some ADFS configuration were unable to sign in if the server did not satisfy certain requirements of the certificate. With the help of OneDrive app, you can easily get the notification when someone shares any files with you or if there are any amendments made in the file or in the case of any editions. You can easily update, open, edit and create documents or any other files in OneDrive from applications such as word or excel.

  • 5 Microsoft has further updated its OneDrive app for IOS with new peek and pop support with 3-D touch devices. Users can now easily get instant reviews of the files and folder contents.

  • 6 Moreover, users can easily get a new look interface along with a completely new feature which is shaking their device for letting Microsoft know if in case they are having any sort of issues or facing any kind of problem with the service. Sometime back Microsoft had sent many email alerts to OneDrive users saying that the storage will be reduced to 5GB from 15 GB.

  • 7 There are cases where the limitation to the path of the file is quite frustrating. In that case, the limit has been increased so that there is no much issue or chaos with the personal OneDrive.


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