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Have a Look at Node.js 8 Features for Great Scalable Network Application

July 25, 2017 by Eric Miller
What do you think about Node.js 8 and its latest features?
Are you in the search of a better resource that can give you complete information on this?

If yes, then you have come to the right place. This blog post will give you complete information about the new version of Node.js, Node.js 8. It is an entirely new version of Node.js. The codename of the new release is Carbon and is heading towards becoming an LTS (long-term support) in October 2017 and will be maintained till December 31st, 2019. The version has come up with an exciting and unique range of features and some great opportunities to mobile app developers.

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Necessary Node.js 8 Features:

Node.js 8 comes with npm 5

The presence of npm 5 is one of the amazing features that differentiate this technology from the rest. As a network mobile app developer, you have the chance of using it without any hindrance as it is saved by the default now option. Another fact to address is that the package lock.json automatically gets developed if there is no npm-shrinkwrap.json. Also, when there is no internet connectivity, there is no need to retry network requests.  One of the major changes is that npm will install the latest registry that you have chosen.

Better Implementation of the WHATWG URL

Node.js 8 offers implementation of the WHATWG URL. It is interesting to note that this feature was added in the Node.js version 7 on an experimental basis in the previous year. The biggest advantage is that it simply matches with the URL implementation as well as API, which is accessible in some popular web browsers. These browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Apple’s Safari and Google Chrome etc. Being network application developer, you can easily share the code across environments by using the URLs.

Modifications in Console

Earlier, while writing console output to the underlying stream, errors occur and the Node.js app would crash. But, with Node.js 8, this problem has been sorted as the errors have been rectified by repressing the issue events. All this is possible with the help of console process.


TurboFan and Ignition

The emergence of Ignition and the TurboFan has been the biggest changes in this latest version. TurboFan acts as an optimizing compiler and the Ignition is well-known for V8 interpreter. The combination of Ignition and TurboFan pipeline has been in the race of development for over 3 years. It has already resolved a large number of technical aspects, which was little tough earlier.

Improvement in the Buffer Security

Both zero-filling Buffer and a new Buffer are added by default. Zero-filling buffer provides help in security as well as privacy in order to prevent the leakage of information. However, Node.js 8 users are advised to have proper knowledge of the risk factors and then use to avoid the leakage of the secured information.

Debugger Variations

The new version offers the facility of debugging in the variations with command line debugger. There is no denial to the fact that node-inspect has been added to the new version for substituting the command line. On the other hand, the V8 debugger inspector has been updated with the motive to support the feature.

Scalable Network Application with Node.js 8

Node.js 8 can be used by mobile app development companies to develop fast and scalable networking application. This is because it can handle several simultaneous connections with the high amount that are associated with high scalability. Using this version is a great option as it uses V8 and npm5, allowing you to expect better performance. It is that version which everyone wanted to use because of it being a long-term support.

Network App

Final Words

By witnessing all the above-mentioned important features of the Node.js 8, there is no exaggeration in saying that it provides an advanced platform. In addition, most of the prior shortcomings have been removed. Node.js is associated with some leading firms like Netflix, Microsoft, Yahoo and much more. With the amazing improvements, there is no denying it has a great future ahead.


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