Advantages that Come with Monetizing Mobile App Development Idea

How to Monetize Your Mobile App Development Idea

July 10, 2017 by Mike Davis

Monetizing your mobile app development idea in order to register your app successfully in the app store requires a planned strategy. The strategy should include all the essential ideas as well as the planning in order to present a successful implementation. After developing the plan successfully, it is important to get it reviewed from the experts of the industry. Having the reviews of experts will let you know the effectivity of the planning. Appdexa brings you an insight of the elements that are important to keep into the mind while monetizing your mobile app development idea:

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Monetizing Your Mobile App Development Idea

In order to monetize your plan:

  • Ensure your app development idea is unique.
  • Get assurity from the experts about the authentication of your application.

Creating Monetization Plan

On an Average Developers earn:

  • $1125 revenue from an app from Google Play.
  • $4000 revenue from an app from Apple store.

Ways to Monetize Your Application

In order to monetize your app idea:

  • Charge some fee with app downloads.
  • Offer freemium version of your application.
  • Include advertising.
  • Charge a little subscription fee.

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Developing Marketing Plan

For Developing the Plan, You Should:

  • Promote your app on different marketing channels.
  • Keep creating blogs to educate the users.


Building the Wireframes

For creating the Wireframes:

  • Start the sketching on paper.
  • Include the elements that could improve the user’s experience.


The App Testing

A Thorough App Testing Ensures the Following Elements:

  • Your app will never be rejected.
  • There are no flaws in the app.

App Launch

For a Successful App Launch

  • Do an Exceptional marketing.
  • Practice word of mouth strategy.


Launching your application successfully will become a cakewalk by following the practices that have been mentioned above. Right from the design concept to the app marketing and further to the promotions, be unique with your ways of app advertising. The sole aim of marketing your application is to target as much users as possible. This unique way of targeting the users can help you attain maximum number of visitors for your application.


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