Mobile Marketing Trends Going to Prevail in 2017

Mobile Marketing Trends Going to Prevail in 2017

January 9, 2017 by Appdexa

2017 is just a few days old and predictions have it that the year is going to be a notable one in the context of mobile marketing trends. While the bygone year offered much more than expected in the similar context, the technology in the new year is only going to get bigger this year. The game-changing trends have already been adopted by a number of tech giants that are working hardly to make the methodology available for users.

When it comes to making technology available for users, you cannot roll out things just like that. It requires a lot of research to live upto the expectations of the clients. When serving the users, the bottom line is to be specific, deliver what is the best, and amuse the users with exceptional experience. While the task seems a bit tough, the outbreak of latest technology is going to make the things easier for the developers.

Here is an extended note on the mobile marketing trends that are going to prevail this year i.e. in 2017.


Chatbots are smaller AI programs that work similarly as Apple’s Siri. They are built to serve specific functions within an application. They are meant to offer assistance as customer support. For example- chatbots can directly guide users to land on specific pages or let them find FAQ section easily.

Inclusion of innovative technology is further taking chatbots to play the role of personal assistance. Slack is one powerful example to prove the same. Slackbot is one powerful chatbot that welcomes users when they sign up for the very first time into the Slack and continues to offer them helpful tips to let them continue with the onboarding process.

Chatbots offer an opportunity for marketers to increase client’s engagement. They are helpful for marketers to interact with the users easily.    

Predictive analysis

Predictive analysis is an effective technique for marketers as it gives them a chance to predict the behaviour of the users by analysing their browsing data. Predictive analysis make it easy for marketers to know the move users will be taking next and thus marketers can arrange services in the similar manner.

For example- dating apps make the best use of predictive analysis methodology. Such apps could use previous browsing history of users and offer them options similar to their preferences. It increases user’s engagement and users are more likely to accept the results.

Analysis has already made a niche in the app development regime and predictive analysis is growing to become more bigger in the time to come.

Intelligent marketing automation

Marketing automation scales your marketing efforts. The technique makes it easy for marketers to personalise a business message for thousands of users unlike the traditional method of creating email for every single person that is of course not possible when you have a larger user base.

This modern marketing automation tool is thus an effective one for the marketers to show the clients that their preferences are cared. Intelligent marketing automation when coupled with analytical approach is sure to personalise the experience for the users.

For marketers, it is a technique to boost user retention. Amidst such a high competition, these techniques are sure to win over the users.


2017 has got a stack of technologically advanced mobile marketing trends that are sure to take users by storm. The techniques are advanced, the approach is innovative and a range of technically advanced methodologies are there at developer’s disposal to take user’s mobile app experience to a whole new level altogether.

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